Vesicular Stomatitis Confirmed in Colorado Horses

Vesicular Stomatitis

Vesicular Stomatitis is spreading – these horses did not even travel. Be sure to keep flies and other pests under control. ~ HfH

From: The Horse

Vesicular StomatitisColorado became the second state in the country to confirm vesicular stomatitis (VS) when four horses on two Weld County premises tested positive for the disease.

On July 17, the National Veterinary Services Laboratory reported a positive test on samples submitted from the four Weld County horses. The animals have no history of travel, and have been placed under quarantine.

Previous positive cases of vesicular stomatitis in 2014 have been diagnosed in the southern area of Texas near the Mexico border and more recently in Bastrop and Travis Counties just south of Austin, TX.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Suzanne Dunham

    Could this in anyway be connected to the Monsanto spraying of fields? When they spray, it travels on the air and gets into everything! Not just animals, but humans too!

    July 18, 2014