Valley Meat Company back in court Tuesday (Video)

New Mexico Slaughter House Permit hearing

ROSWELL, N.M. —The controversy surrounding the first horse slaughterhouse in the country continues as the number of protesters and petitioners grows.

By: Angela Brauer

From Transcript:

Valley Meat Company in Roswell proposed the idea in 2012. They’ve always slaughtered cows for dairy but wanted to grow their business. The slaughtered horses would be for human consumption in other countries, which some people and a lot of animal activists say is not only inhumane but also dangerous.

Several emails sent to KOAT Action 7 News cite threats to the environment, specifically the water. People are afraid that water in Roswell could become contaminated.

A. Blair Dunn, attorney for Valley Meat Company, said that isn’t going to happen. Since 1987, Dunn said Valley Meat Company has only had one water code violation and it had to do with paperwork. He said the violation they had is a common one among dairy and other meat places. He showed KOAT Action 7 News documents to prove that.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Diane Gubrud

    Horse slaughter is inhumane. All of America are heartbroken &concerned. Save the tax payers money by shutting down the BLM.Maybe a few neglectful horse owners would take better care of their horses if they couldn’t give them up or sell them to kill buyers.

    October 23, 2013
  • Cayce

    Well said Diane.

    October 23, 2013
  • Terra

    One thing that makes me sick is knowing that American bred horse meat is toxic noted by the EU who is the biggest buyer of horse meat and will not give Valley Meat approval to import US horse meat to any EU country. Then add in that only 1% of the American people eat horse meat so why should the rest of us pay taxes to fund USDA inspection on a animal we do not eat. Valley Meat could not even slaughter cows in a humane fashion and has run up million in fines so what makes anyone think they would do any better with horses are flight animals unlike cows and who have twice the amount of blood in their bodies. Valley Meat had stacks of waste 10 feet high when they slaughter cows and was closed down. I was not a switch it was being put out of business for now obeying the law.

    October 23, 2013
  • LNorman

    No mention in this KOAT report that Valley Meat was closed due to USDA violations when they slaughtered cattle, in fact it states “they have always slaughtered cattle”. No mention that the owner, Rick Santos, is a convicted felon and lied on his USDA application to slaughter horses thereby committing another felony. No mention of the adulterated meat issue. No mention of his employee, Tim Sappington’s, hate crime against advocates (and that horse he shot). No mention that there is no funding allocated for USDA inspections for horse slaughter and that current funding is not even enough to keep OUR food supply safe.

    October 24, 2013