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Valentine’s Day Adoption Special 

052804 011“What’s love got to do with it?”

If you’re a horse, pretty much everything, because that’s the main ingredient in horses. Oh, sure, there’s some bones and muscles, but if you ever watch horses in a pasture, they bond tightly, just as they do with the people they trust. Horses need other horses.

What does that have to do with Valentine’s Day? Just this – our horses need a place of their own, they need an owner who can spend time with them, and they need a buddy for all those hours when the owner can’t be around.

Since Valentines Day is all about love, what better way is there to express your love of horses than to open up your pasture, your barn and your arms to a couple of perfect horses?

Starting today through February 14th, if you qualify and adopt a horse, you can add a second horse for free. A mare and gelding, two geldings, two mares, a horse and a donkey – adopt one and the second is absolutely free.

This Valentine’s Day, bring love home with you.

Contact the office for details and to arrange a visit. 409-935-0277



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