US horses head back to Canadian killing floor

US Horses heading back to Canadian slaughterhouses
US Horses heading back to Canadian slaughterhouses

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This morning doors to Canadian killing floors reopened to take American horses for export.

On Friday apparently an “incorrectly labelled” shipment arrived in France causing the temporary shutdown of US horses accepted for import into the European Union (EU).

The lack of complete information given to US kill buyers and auction houses led to them to believe that the shutdown was due to the new regulations pending on US horse meat. The regulations will require a “passport” system that certifies animals as drug free and in the care of the seller for at least six months. Those regulations will become enforced sometime between now and July of 2013.

Auction yards and trucks have resumed “business as usual.”

The Fallon Livestock auction in Nevada has notified customers that the regular Tuesday sale of horses will take place tomorrow. Yesterday there was only one horse at the auction yard.

However operations resume with the knowledge that changes are coming.

“It is only a matter of time before the unsafe practices cause this so-called industry to reform,” said Connie J. Cunningham of Wild Horse Education, “in America horses are not raised for food.”

All of this has occurred while the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act sits idle in Congress, with so many other pieces of Legislation.

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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