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Two wild horses die at Utah roundup 

July 2014 BLM Round Up with helicopter

From: The Salt Lake Tribune
By: Kristen Moulten

July 2014 BLM Round Up with helicopter

(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) A helicopter “rounds up” a band of wild horses about 35 miles southwest of Milford, Utah, on Monday, July 28, 2014.

An agitated young wild horse alone in a corral apparently charged into a side panel and broke her neck after being rounded up on Utah’s west desert, Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Lisa Reid said.

The yearling filly died instantly and the BLM also had to euthanize a 7-year-old mare with a severely deformed leg from a previous fracture, Reid said.

Both deaths — unusual during Utah’s wild horse roundups — occurred Wednesday, the third day of the BLM’s Blawn Wash gather in the Wah Wah Mountains of Beaver County, about 35 miles southwest of Milford.

The agency finished the roundup Thursday with 143 horses removed from Blawn Wash, Reid said.

The BLM uses a contractor whose pilots fly helicopters over the area until they find a small band of horses. A chopper then “herds” the running horses into a corral temporarily set up on the range.

The horses are loaded into trucks and taken to a second temporary corral, in this case, on a nearby ranch. That is where the filly died.

Reid said the young horse was the first yearling placed in her corral that morning, and was alone and pacing. Workers were determining the genders of other horses and not watching the filly when they heard her slam into the corral panel.

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