Two Horses Removed From Owner

Fate of Robstown Horses Decided by Justice of the Peace

ROBSTOWN, TX – We have new information on the horses in Robstown that have been in the care of a veterinarian since they were found in bad condition last week.

robstownrescue-300x200Two horses were dead and 20 more appeared to be in bad condition. And yesterday another horse had to be put down.

This morning the fate of the other horses laid in the hands of Justice of the Peace Judge Robert Gonzalez.

Also in court was Director of Robstown Animal Control Jason Garcia, along with the horses’ owner, Sam Ruegg.

Garcia told us that out of the 20 animal cruelty cases he has worked, this one is the worst he has seen involving horses.

Ruegg says the reason he wasn’t able to take proper care of the horses was because he had financial troubles for about a week, but he promised the court he was now able to take better care of them.

The court decided that two young females will go to Habitat for Horses, a non profit organization that takes care of horses, and two older horses would have to be put down because of their age and condition.

Garcia had this to say of the horses that had to be put down, “I think if they had better care, vet care, feeding regiment, they could of lived a much better life.”

As for the other 15 horses, they will get to stay out on Ruegg’s property for now, but under some strict conditions.

Ruegg is on a six month probation to prove he can take care of the horses. This was decided because the veterinarians said the horses were too weak to be moved.

The conditions of this probation include; monthly visits by a veterinarian, random visits by animal control, Ruegg will have to give the judge a weekly receipt of all hay and feed bought for the horses, and training the horses so the veterinarian can take a proper look at them.

We tried to speak to Ruegg about what happened in court today, but he told us he had no comment.

Garcia was hoping the horses would be moved, but if this is what’s best for the horses then he tells us he is happy.

Garcia says, “The main goal is to make sure these horses are in good condition to where they can live the rest of their lives healthy.”

And Garcia promises that he will be checking up on the horses every day to make sure they are getting healthier.

The Robstown Police Department is still investigating to see if Ruegg will face any criminal charges.

(Note – This is a case which our investigator has been working for a long time. We will continue to keep a very close eye on the owner and will return to court with him if he does not follow the rules set by the Judge – Jerry)

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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