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To the American Public and the Bureau of Land Management 

blm abuse

Stop the in transparent PR acts and apply true engagement with the public, not just pretentious replies in the face of public outcry or national criticism.

From: The Desert Independent
By Monika Courtney, Date: September 15th, 2013

Republished from a letter sent to the BLM after Monica was only allotted 3 minutes to make her presentation in a public relations farce of a meeting to supposedly gather public input. The only modifications are formatting for internet publication and one or two spelling corrections, plus the addition of the Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewel’s phone numbers should this letter encourage you to call. R. Winkler, Publisher

My 3 minute input for the Board is to move forth by giving the public more roles to partake in shaping reform within the program.

Stop the in transparent PR acts and apply true engagement with the public, not just pretentious replies in the face of public outcry or national criticism.

The double standards are what is hampering progress, when people work hard to give input, come prepared but in truth are not welcomed to really leave ideas or make a difference. What a waste of resources that could be put to make real progress – if instead of manipulation (as ever), common sense would be applied!

I am personally dismayed at the constant schemes to pacify the public. This is affecting all fronts in your program:

horsesRound ups, census, inhumane treatment of corralled horses, true disclosure of fatalities/reasons thereof, care-taking or lack thereof, public relations, prioritizing of horses’ welfare on range or in holding or lack thereof, adoption efforts on national level or lack thereof, effective advertising or lack thereof, spending disclosure of holding costs or lack thereof, continuous carry out of biased, special interests agendas and accommodation thereof, and most of all:

The obvious neglect in performing what was assigned to perform: protecting wild horses and burros, which is expected by the tax payers and thus to be done in a humane, sensible way, which is for the horses’ best interest. To continue round ups while pretending to care and work “with the public” is the same broken way, which is not left behind, as Ms. Guilfoyle so vehemently announced in Reno, but it is continued with the same shameful schemes to deceive and pacify the American public.

While your meetings of predisposed talk continue, so does the deterioration and mistreatment of our herds. Not due to drought and nature’s cull. But due to your lack of clearly reforming a program that has caused this mess and much grieve to Americans who have lost all trust and respect as none of the promises are delivered while you procrastinate the real issues at hand to improve professionally and ethically just.

There are many qualified folks available, from the advocacy to professional sources such as independent vets, with whom you could build a truly impressive new direction to shape reform for wild horses and burros. The constant rapports with the cattle industry and money muscle of special interests who get special VIP to our public lands is the disease of BLM having led to the current disgraceful situation.

The public is tired of the clever PR speeches, staged acts and betrayal to the horses. They suffer under current management – start involving the public by taking volunteerism that partakes in bringing improvement by really engaging and seeking input and help – since this source offers experts on all fronts, whilst current operations carried out by your staff are so very questionable and concerning. Instead of training more PR skills to pacify the increasingly concerned and outraged public, allocate these funds to reform as promised.

Causing the wild equines to suffer is not an acceptable standard, but it is what is going on, due to your horrific round ups which must stop, and the horrific neglect in holding. To make holding a less haunting place by improving internal standards to the basic care-taking with an external and independent source to ensure quality control is a must. With so many animals penned in prison like confinement, there are many people who would assist; who care for these horses and would like to be part of their lives. It is up to you to allow this, and to remember these are America’s horses. Stop the excuses of “safety” and other notions to keep the public out and at bay, while your staff neglects horses’ needs – allow team work and cooperative efforts to bring improvement without applying dumb reasons to hinder progressive effect.

BLM holding penHolding as it is now is a reflection of unacceptable standards in all aspects. Lack of care, space, provision of basic needs such as plentiful cold water, electrolytes in all pens, shade/shelter from elements, neglect of hooves and health issues of horses are not 21st values that are to be expected from this country. Holding must be improved asap, staff re-trained to deliver top quality care, possess compassion and respect, and make holding a better place to work, whilst improving adoptions. This can be done with a better marketing approach, a national ad campaign and foremost by BLM TRULY engaging with the public on all fronts to bring reform.

These horses are not your agency’s horses to dispose of and abuse. Yet that is what this agency has done and is doing as I type. The long harbored plans of euthanasia (speak slaughter) and the secretive, lucrative side dealings with other agencies and Indian Tribes by selling horses without analyzing, identifying and safeguarding the very animals so shamelessly taken to carry out such auctions and trading, must stop once and for all. (Recent Fallon scandal).

It is your responsibility to oversee the welfare and protection of all wild horses and burros, and put an end to illegal side activities and cruel conduct, whether it involves your contractors, notorious kill buyers (Fallon) or internal affairs.

Stop the procrastination and get to work to reflect innovation by applying humane management for our wild equines on the range that is not of final and die out philosophy but to of ensuring a future for our grand-kids that involves wild horses and burros in the wild, not just terminal destruction and a history book of shame. Quit marginalizing the public and our input. Create Federal guidelines to oversee and ensure welfare to horses as currently there are none. Deliver your Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program as it is overdue since yesteryear.

Move forth by demonstrating a “can-do” attitude applying real science in accurate census and sensible solutions on the range benefiting wild horses and burros, develop initiatives and strategies now to reach these goals. We are waiting, still.

Need a reason to call Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell?
These are the numbers to Secretary Jewell’s three offices:

Main line: 1-202-208-3100
The Office of Communications: 1-202-208-6416
Appointments office: 1-202-208-7551
Branch office: 1-202-208-3181

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