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This Charming Dog That Rides Horses Is More Than Just A One-Trick Pony 


From: Huffington Post
By: Ryan Grenoble

horse-and-dogWhen Steve Jefferys says his dog can do anything, he’s not horsing around.

His dog, a border collie named Hekan — as in, hekan do it — regularly helps the Australian with his work at Equestrian Excellence in New South Wales. Including riding horses.

“Well it really just happened,” Jefferys said in an interview with Australia’s “Today” show, explaining how Hekan acquired his impressive skill-set. “I had the dog, I needed things done, and he was the only one that I had to do it.”

But hold on to your horses, because Hekan is no one-trick pony. In addition to riding the horses, the 1-year-old pup fetches various items for Jefferys, walks the horses on a lead and can hold them in place while being saddled.

“He’s basically my secretary,” Jefferys told the Herald Sun. “He does that many things for me.”

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