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“They Rescued Me” Photo Contest 

Horses that come from equine rescues are a very special breed. They seem to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the effort that led them to their second chance at life. Trained or untrained, ridable or not, to many people it really doesn’t matter. They are “home,” in the loving hands of those who care, and they feel safe and secure.

We want to give you a chance to show us your rescued horse, either by itself or by showing the special relationship you share.


A photo contest will be held weekly starting April 1st and closing at midnight (CDST) Saturday at the end of each week with the final week on May 31st (Friday). One winner will be picked each week for the final contest. If you are the weekly winner, we will notify you.

Final Winner will receive 1,000 pounds of Purina Feed!

Lufkin 029

Bad picture: Horizon cuts picture in the middle, too dark, can’t see any detail on horse, poor background.

On June 1st, the nine finalist will be posted and the voting will be open to the public, with the final vote on June 15th at midnight. The winner will be announced on June 17th.


The Purina Feed will be purchased by Habitat for Horses at a Certified Purina Dealer of your choice.



  1. The submitted photo must be original and must be of a horse, donkey or mule that was acquired at a non-profit (501.c.3) equine rescue. You must include the original name or number of the equine, date acquired and name of the rescue organization (finalist will be verified).
  2. Digital photos only. Photos must be submitted using the form link below and be no more than 1 MB in size.
  3. Contestants must own or have adopted the horse in the photo.
  4. Photos should have no more than one person. That person must know that their image will be displayed on this website. The image becomes the property of Habitat for Horses and may be displayed on the Habitat for Horses website.
  5. You may submit up to three photos per week (Monday through Sunday)

Images will be judged on: impact, subject matter, creativity and suitability. Remember, the goal is to display the health, occupation, gentleness and/or affection of the rescued equine.

Is this a good photograph?

Is this a good photograph?


  1. Always groom your horse first!
  2. Watch your background! Poop piles, old trucks piles of trash are not what we want to see.
  3. Keep the sun at your back. A dark horse under the shade of a tree makes too many shadows and black areas.
  4. Keep the horizon either high or low. Don’t let it split the picture in two.

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