“They Rescued Me” Photo Contest – Week Two Update


Habitat for Horses – April 8, 2013

Don't even think about it. We can tell the difference!

Don’t even think about it. We can tell the difference!

This is the start of week two of the photo contest, and quite a contest it has turned out to be! I am amazed at both the response and the quality of so many of the photographs. While we spent many an hour looking over the first week’s submissions and had several debates about the result, we finally picked a winner that has all the qualities we set forth in the rules:

“Images will be judged on: impact, subject matter, creativity and suitability. Remember, the goal is to display the health, occupation, gentleness and/or affection of the rescued equine.”

Rather than give you the winner for this week, it was decided that the first week’s winner will be displayed, along with the other 8 winners, at the end of the weekly contest. At that time the voting will be open to the public. That way no one has a head start on trying to gather votes.

There have been some comments about what makes a “rescue” horse. While I agree that a rescue can occur at any time and doesn’t need to involve a nonprofit, for the purposes of this contest, with a goal of showing that great horses can come from 501.c.3 rescues, the entries must show horses obtained from one of the many nonprofit rescue centers across the country. The rescue organization will be called to verify the adoption.

All the other rules are HERE along with a wee bit of advice about how to take better pictures. Be advised that the competition is tough and a “snapshot” isn’t going to make it.

Later this week, I hope to be able to announce additional prizes.

One last thing – you don’t need to resubmit your photo each week (please DON’T!). We will carry each photo submitted throughout the contest to the end of the last week. In other words, if you submitted a photo during the first day, it’s still in the running.

Have fun, take great pictures and tell your horse that you love ’em, because each of you are already winners in the eyes of your horse.

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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