“They Rescued Me” Photo Contest Closing May 31!


images-11Nine weeks. Nine potential winners. One of you will receive 1,000 pounds of Purina Horse Feed. Who will it be?

It won’t be you if you don’t enter the contest. At midnight on May 31st, the contest will close. Once we put the nine top photos up, the public, meaning you, will have a chance to vote for the photo you consider best exemplifies the health, occupation, gentleness and/or affection of the rescued equine and is overall the best photo. 

From attempting to judge the hundreds of photos that have entered, I can guarantee that the decision will be hard. At one time I considered myself to be a fair to good photographer, but after viewing so many excellent photos I’ve lowered my opinion of my work to “takes passable snapshots.” 

The rules are found by clicking the link on the right. While some disagreed with the rules regarding a 501.c.3, the reason for that rule is that Habitat for Horses is promoting the adoption of equine from non-profit, registered equine rescues. Every horse in your pasture is a treasure, but there are other equine photo contests for them.

Remember – this is not about the best horse. If it were, my horse, Pete, would always win. This is about showing your horse in the best possible way. And while winning 1,000 pounds of feed is great, each of you should know that you already won – in the eyes of your horse and through the love in your heart. 

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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