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The Wildies of Alberta 

Bryn Thiessen

Jason Bradley says of pro-Wild Horse protesters “It’s middle-aged women and teenage girls—and their motivations.”. Jerry Finch and many other men who support keeping wild horses of the Americas wild would have a thing or two to say about that! The article’s pictures are beautiful but keep in mind what this all about. The culling of wild horses in Canada. Many of these horses wind up on European dining tables – sold for just 25 cents a pound. As for pro-“Wildies” Canadians being unresponsive to the media, we found them very responsive. They provided us with a wonderful series on their efforts which you can read by clicking here.

From: Roads and Kingdoms
By: Lyndsie Bourgon

Bryn Thiessen

Bryn Thiessen

Bryn Thiessen is a cowboy, a rancher, a poet, and a preacher. Every Tuesday, he hosts a “cowboy church sermon” in the small town of Sundre, Alberta, an event he describes as a throwback to rodeo services with bluegrass western music. Roughly a hundred people usually show up. He dresses in a wide-brimmed felt hat, pink knot tie, vest, and cowboy boots. He is as honest and allergic to what he calls “PC talk” as he is polite. “I live by my own rules,” he says. If you ask him to tag along for a day on the land, he’ll meet you at the local donut shop and then drive you around in his truck, since most city cars can’t maneuver the mud bog that is the spring melt.

The ranches like Thiessen’s that nestle the Alberta foothills are generational dynasties, passed down from family member to family member—Helmer, Bergen, Bearberry, all connected by a road known as the Cowboy Trail. The ranches were settled when the West stretched along with the railroad, and they have been there ever since, huge, sprawling homesteads with farmhouses and barns, grazing land and hitch posts. Here, the past is rarely forgotten. As the plains sweep dramatically towards mountains, wild horses roam as if the land had never been settled.

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