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Habitat for Horses

Act NowAt the end of this letter, I’ll be asking you to do something. This is important. You need to be a part of this.

Added together, I’ve probably written thousands of pages in both articles and blogs about the destruction of our wild horses, about the horrors of horse slaughter and about the lies and deceit spewing out of the mouths of the pro-slaughter propaganda machine. My words have not been alone. Hundreds, if not thousands of others have been just as vocal, all in an effort to educate and to stop the insanity.

It hasn’t worked.

The value of money, no matter what the source, speaks far louder than the cries of the citizens of the United States. While 80% of us want horse slaughter to stop, it continues unabated and without pause. The final decision to bring the insanity to a halt doesn’t lay with the will of the people of the US, it resides in the pockets of the 535 Senators and Representatives.

The Meat Industry lobbyist have no problem supplementing reelection campaigns and retirement benefits of those 535 individuals, nor are they willing to speak any truth. The propaganda machine promoting the destruction of wild horses and the need for horse slaughter is more than happy to provide the rhetoric for their speeches, but only if they support everything the lobbyist promote. Riding along with the Meat Industry are those representing the Oil and Mining Industry, plus the lobbyist for the Welfare Ranchers whose cattle seem to immediately replace land once promised to the wild horses.

There is no doubt that the eventual goal of the BLM is to send to slaughter all 45,000 wild horses they have captured and that are currently living in holding facilities. That goal is documented. Added to the 135,000 domestic horses destined for slaughter in the coming year, it’s obvious that the slaughter machine is alive and well, despite the cry of the majority of Americans who oppose it.


Habitat for Horses has collected thousands of letters demanding an end both to the destruction of America’s wild horses and to the slaughter of horses for human consumption. We are handing all of them off to RT Fitch who will, on his own dime, travel to Washington DC this Thursday, September 13th, to present them to Representative Moran, one of the few that refuses to let offers of money interfere with his decisions. From there, they will go directly to the White House to be presented to President Obama.

We are forcing an issue and offering him the opportunity to step up and support both an end to horse slaughter and the return to freedom of our wild horses. Eighty percent of this country will be listening very closely for his response.

I’m personally asking each of you to go to the Wild Horse Freedom Federation website to sign and submit a letter to President Obama. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard loud and clear. Read about RT and Terry’s trip to DC and as you scroll down, there is a form to fill out, then add your comments to the President. They will print the letter and add it to those being given to Representative Moran. You can also write your letter from RT’s blog, “Straight From the Horse’s Heart.”

No more sitting around in frustration. No more questions about, “What can I do?” Do this, Do it now.

We will give this a chance and speak very plainly. If the President refuses to listen, we’ll go to Plan B. More on that in a little while.


AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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