The Ranch at Big Bend

2 of the horses that we brought back.

Smokey Culver is more than a cowboy poet…he helps us out at Habitat for Horses doing a variety of tasks including gathering horses to bring back for rehoming. In this case, Smokey joined Thom – our Ranch Manager – to pick up horses from the Big Bend National Park where thebigbendy do not have the facilities to adopt out horses that have worked out there. Enjoy Smokey’s poetry and pictures… ~ HfH

The Ranch at Big Bend

This country’s as rugged as any I’ve seen
   with its cactus, its rocks and mesquite
And if you ride your horse through this jagged terrain
   he had better be sure on his feet

Jack rabbits, coyotes, cougars and deer
   an occasional lizard I see
On this ranch in West Texas, majestic Big Bend
   there’s no place where I’d rather be

Each dawn brings a new day as sunbeams appear
   to the east in an ebony sky
The aroma of coffee in the bunkhouse is welcomed
   as the cowboys get ready to ride

Then the night falls on that Texas moon up above
   shines its light on the rocks and the sand
And the stars form a crown for a mountainous kingdom
   no sight in this world is so grand

Like a portrait that hangs in a gallery fine
   a still life of cactus and dust
This genuine work by the hands of a Master
   who paints with a heavenly brush…



  • Loaded up and ready to head to the Ranch.
  • 2 of the horses that we brought back.
  • The bunkhouse where we stayed at the Big Bend Ranch.  Pretty nice.
  • This is what the terrain looks like in this part of West Texas.
  • This is the road from the highway to the ranch headquarters, 22 miles of rugged terrain that will beat you to death, loaded or empty…
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  • smokey

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • smokey culver

    I am truly blessed to be a part of the HfH family. Love you all!

    May 2, 2014