Welcome to Habitat For Horses!|Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Joy of Hurting Horses 

Eli watches from the stall

Photo by Jennifer Reynolds – Eli, a gelding with a leg injury, watches from his stall in the barn at the habitat.

From last Wednesday through yesterday (Feb 17th) our website has been under an almost constant attack. Our webmistress would repair one problem only to find another problem, then another. Brave soul that she is, persistence pays off and most of the problems have been cured. The security has been enhanced and once we get some more information, we can trace back to find the source.

If you have tried to email us, please do it again. Don’t think that we are ignoring you. We don’t act that way. Chances are very high that your email simply disappeared and never ended up on our computers. Same way with the website. Its been up and down over that past few days. Hopefully it will stay up this time.

Which leads to the question of why anyone would want to hurt an organization that is here to help the horses and donkeys that so desperately need saving. I have no doubt that the hacker, or the person who ordered the hacker, has the same mentality as those who beat and starve animals. And the reason they picked Habitat for Horses? Because we aimed our focus on them.

I have no problem pounding on people and organizations that hurt, injure and kill animals. I’m not about to hold back because I may hurt someone’s feelings, be they a mayor, a police officer, the BLM, a member of Congress or a donkey basketball organizer. Do harm to animals and this organization will point fingers directly at you. There is shame in what you are doing and you recognize that shame by deleting posts and paying someone to hack the website. If you don’t like the finger pointing, perhaps you might want to reconsider your stance on animal welfare.

For our supporters – thank you for your understanding. Trying to find us and seeing a glaring “404 Not Found” on the page is frustrating. We now have an extra layer of security and people searching out the hacker’s computer. It won’t be long.

Jerry Finch