The Joy of Hurting Horses

Eli watches from the stall

Photo by Jennifer Reynolds – Eli, a gelding with a leg injury, watches from his stall in the barn at the habitat.

From last Wednesday through yesterday (Feb 17th) our website has been under an almost constant attack. Our webmistress would repair one problem only to find another problem, then another. Brave soul that she is, persistence pays off and most of the problems have been cured. The security has been enhanced and once we get some more information, we can trace back to find the source.

If you have tried to email us, please do it again. Don’t think that we are ignoring you. We don’t act that way. Chances are very high that your email simply disappeared and never ended up on our computers. Same way with the website. Its been up and down over that past few days. Hopefully it will stay up this time.

Which leads to the question of why anyone would want to hurt an organization that is here to help the horses and donkeys that so desperately need saving. I have no doubt that the hacker, or the person who ordered the hacker, has the same mentality as those who beat and starve animals. And the reason they picked Habitat for Horses? Because we aimed our focus on them.

I have no problem pounding on people and organizations that hurt, injure and kill animals. I’m not about to hold back because I may hurt someone’s feelings, be they a mayor, a police officer, the BLM, a member of Congress or a donkey basketball organizer. Do harm to animals and this organization will point fingers directly at you. There is shame in what you are doing and you recognize that shame by deleting posts and paying someone to hack the website. If you don’t like the finger pointing, perhaps you might want to reconsider your stance on animal welfare.

For our supporters – thank you for your understanding. Trying to find us and seeing a glaring “404 Not Found” on the page is frustrating. We now have an extra layer of security and people searching out the hacker’s computer. It won’t be long.

Jerry Finch

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Posted by Habitat for Horses

    To whomever is doing this:When you destroy the ability of HfH email to work, you are responsible for the needless suffering of horses. Many people turn to HfH through our contact forms to report abuse (remember ALWAYS call law enforcement first). People who are struggling to feed their horses contact us for guidance. People who want to adopt a horse contact us to set up a time to come to the ranch. And on and on. Even if by some chance you hire a hacker to delete our site…I have back ups…we will be back in a matter of hours. You will not stop us from helping those in need. ~ HfH Webmistress

    February 18, 2014
  • Nicki Hale

    What you do is wonderful and whoever is causing harm—-they will be dealt with! Either in this world or the next!

    February 18, 2014
  • Penny Zielstorf

    Hope You Press Charges To The Max. They Need To Understand We Who Hate Abuse Will fight To The End To Stop It. People Who Hurt Children And Animals Have A Special Place In Hell.

    February 18, 2014
  • I love reading your newsletter,and have been a avid follower for years. I hope you will continue to speak for those who cannot,since my first love has always been animals over people. I will be adopting two horses in the spring to ensure that they receive the love and attention they so deserve. Keep up the good work,and don’t let people tell you otherwise, your organization does great work, and I will be following your website faithfully. Thank you.

    February 18, 2014
  • Sue

    I wondered what was wrong. I tried to access a past post and got the 404.

    February 18, 2014
  • The world is a better place because you are in It, RT Fitch. Those of us who work very hard to change and enforce laws on a local and state wide basis understand that conviction comes with a price. Retaliation from organizations who fail to do the work for which they have been hired, and agencies that have the ability to destroy us. We see it all the time. You are brave and your voice is extremely important to our efforts. This, too, shall pass. A kinder, gentler world is on the horizon, thanks to people like yourself with the courage and tenacity to see the fight through to the end. Bless you!

    February 18, 2014
    • jfinch

      Thanks – but I am not RT Fitch. This is Jerry Finch – far better looking.

      February 18, 2014
      • So sorry, Jerry (: The same holds true for you both, however.

        February 18, 2014
        • Mustangman

          You should never compliment R.T. his head is big enough as it is already LOLOLOL

          February 18, 2014
  • arleneorlando

    had all kinds of problems here also , just got them fixed, so someone is tampering with all computors !!!!

    February 18, 2014
  • Well understood as we just called a longtime friend of our sheriff to voice a complaint about his starving horses.Two days later one of our sponsors was approached via facebook and asked if she would be willing to say we had fed her horse moldy hay or used her donations for other than the horses.It didn’t take her long to send them running.

    February 18, 2014
  • Maggie Frazier

    I got the “404” page a couple times, but usually can get thru. Don’t get anybody who would be so small minded & petty that they would interfere with this kind of website. Keep up the good work, Jerry – its appreciated and NEEDED>

    February 18, 2014
  • Margaret

    I too find the timing interesting that this started right after the donkey basketball event. Might they be related??? Inquiring minds…

    That’s a real dumb thing to do. Host a controversial event, delete and ignore the public. Then the day after the event the website that asked folks to call and try to get this event cancelled comes under attack. That just gives locals fodder to feed the papers making you looking even worse.

    It’s your election to lose. I just no animal was hurt because of your selfish attitude.

    When the time is right I hope you’ll let us know what is happening Jerry!

    PS I think both you and RT are handsome!

    February 18, 2014
  • sherriey

    i hope you nail them to the wall!!!!!
    they need to get a real job and become a better human being!!!
    honestly, Jerry, you ought to be proud….they are afraid of this wonderful organization or they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. you figure they cant stop you any other way so they will cause your site to go down.
    well….poop on them, it is here along with its faithful followers and will con’t to be!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are a bunch of low-life’s who cant deal with the truth!

    February 18, 2014
  • Edie

    Folks who enjoy making life difficult or enjoying another person(s) life painful as we know are very low beings. I don’t understand going to so much trouble to hurt others. I don’t understand why folks do such horrible things to “animals”. Some are just so twisted that causing pain is the only way they feel at all. I’ve some equine ‘babies’ that would be happy to help show the troublesome folks what hurt is all about. 😉 Prayers that those who have done this are caught and punished.

    February 18, 2014
  • Suzanne Dunham

    We’ve got your back and we are in the fight to save horses for the long haul, no matter who tries to stop us!

    February 18, 2014
  • R-T>Fitch.
    (get those bustards that hacked your site.)
    may the GOD’S BLESS-YOU.
    ALWAYS thankful to you
    *MS Levi*

    February 19, 2014
  • Kumadee

    I’ve always believed that bullies love to operate under the cover of darkness (or rocks-fits them better) and are incensed when they are exposed. Cowards pick on things that can’t defend themselves like children and animals – our job is to push back and keep bright lights on them.
    I’ve met so many of you and you are all so amazing! They don’t stand a chance!

    February 20, 2014