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The fight against horse slaughter in Missouri (Video) 


Much of the news on American horse slaughter has centered on Valley Meat Company in New Mexico with one of their employees making headlines by making a video of him shooting his horse while making fun of anti-slaughter activists as well as NM Attorney General King’s fight to stop horse slaughter. Missouri is also another state readying to slaughter horses at Rains Natural Meats in Gallatin, MO. The fight to stop horse slaughter continues there as well. ~ HfH

From: St Joe Channel
By: Alan Van Zandt

Diana Kline of Missouri is passionate about stopping horse slaughter in her state.

Diana Kline of Missouri is passionate about stopping horse slaughter in her state.

(NEAR KANSAS CITY, MO) There’s no denying Diana Kline’s love of horses.

As someone who shows horses, Kline says it’s probably in her DNA.

“I’ve had horses for more than 40 years,” she said. “It is a passion of mine.”

The owner of five show horses was horrified to find out about a northwest Missouri man’s plan to open a horse slaughter plant in Gallatin. She says it’s inhumane to treat a horse like livestock.

“They’re very smart and they’re very caring,” Kline said. “They will give you their all if you ask. They’re very personable, very friendly. They love me and I love them.”

Kline has done a lot of research on horse slaughter plants.

“Horse theft goes up exponentially, always has in the past, around horse slaughter plants.”

There’s conflicting opinions on how safe horse meat would be.

“It’s our opinion that there’s been some fibbing going on,” Kline said. “There is a serious problem with the drugs we give U.S. horses.”

Kline’s fight has drawn attention nationally, with a Facebook page devoted to stopping the horse slaughter plant in Gallatin from opening.

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