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The Faces of Evil 

images-13There is a video making the rounds on the internet this week of Tim Sappington shooting a horse for no other purpose than to intimidate “activists.” Sappington is the only paid employee of Valley Meat, the proposed horse slaughter plant trying to open in Roswell, NM. Bloomberg recently gave him his 15 minutes of fame by including his horse eating habits in a story that was picked up in several newspapers. In cold disregard for life, he leads a very healthy horse to a place in front of his single wide trailer, pets it on the forehead, then, while cursing about activists, takes his gun out and shoots it.

You do not want to see the video. It is far too graphic and far too violent. It has value as an educational tool for those in the mental health field in the study of sociopathic behavior (currently called “antisocial personality disorder”) and for one other specific purpose – for it displays the typical personality of those involved in the horse slaughter trade. These same personalities crowd into every horse auction and every slaughterhouse, deriving their pleasure from killing and watching other kill horses.

If you believe the lies about “unwanted” horses, “starving” horses, about “peaceful euthanasia,” then yes, you need to watch it. If you think sending your horse off to the slaughterhouse is really the way you want to discharge your responsibility for the animal you bought, then yes, you should watch it. This is the type of man to whom you are turning your horse over. If equine slaughterhouses once again open in American – this man will win.

Once agin – Fair Warning – DO NOT WATCH – but if you must, click here

Back during the years of Dallas Crown, I drove through the streets of Kaufman, TX. I followed the trucks, watched them unload horses, watched them beat, kick and kill horses and watched the skins of horses that were alive just minutes before, flop off the conveyor belt into a dumpster. Nothing will ever erase those memories, nor take away the memory of the pure evil that those people carried with them in every step they took.

If you are one of those who make comments like, “Stop this,” know that I am trying, but it is YOU that has to stop it. Don’t think that I and a few others can do it without your help. YOU have to put in the effort to pick up the phone, to send the email, to protest and support those that are fighting beside you. Don’t think you can just close your eyes and post the occasional comment. To “Stop this,” YOU have to get involved. Make the calls to your Senators and Representatives. On RT’s blog is a list of email addresses and phone numbers to those who need to be made aware that this incident arouses the anger of every mentally healthy American.

BREAKING NEWS: A Statement From Valley Meat


VALLEY MEAT COMPANY, LLC – For further information contact A. Blair Dunn, Esq. at abdunn@ablairdunn-esq.com

Valley Meat Co. does confirm that Mr. Sappington does work doing maintenance for Valley. We have seen the video showing Mr. Sappington euthanizing a horse for slaughter which we understood he did as was his legal right for his own consumption and in which he did complete the processing for consumption. We agree that his comments were regrettably crass, not contributing anything to this dialogue so we do not condone his statements, but he was within his lawful rights to slaughter and butcher a horse and he was not acting as an employee of the company in that action. The emotion of the situation is what is most troubling especially since the opposition is now resorting to terrorist tactics by calling in bomb threats and death threats against our families. And while Mr. Sappington’s personal comments are inappropriate they pale in comparison to threatening to bomb people and kill their families. We respectfully request that the media and the public remember that we are discussing the processing of horses as livestock and no animal is worth threatening or ending a person’s life.