The Endless Wars of Man


May 27, 2013, Jerry Finch

images-1On this Memorial Day, the day set aside in memory of those soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom, a day which should pass in solemn reflection and thankfulness, few things make me more proud to be a modern-day American than to be bombarded with blaring ads touting, “A blowout Memorial Day Sale! 20% to 50% off our everyday low prices!” I suppose I never knew that in honor of all those lost lives, we as citizens of this great country are called upon to drink alcohol until we’re way over the line, throw a hunk of meat on a grill and rush down to the local market to save money by buying things we never knew we needed in the first place. 

No, not all Americans are like that. In a few very quiet places people stand in prayer as “Taps” are played. Far too many shed tears as they remember things that should never have been a part of the human experience. Within the common mind of soldiers everywhere wanders the unanswered question – “Why?”

As evening settles in, we are faced with another looming battle, one in which the supposed “enemy” doesn’t have a chance. The battle is taking place all around both the civilized and uncivilized world. One side is filled with pure hatred, a hatred that is almost demonic in proportion. The losing side? They eat, sleep, raise a family, live in peace (except for a few skirmishes among themselves), and try to stay out of the way of all contact with those who want nothing more than to see them dead.

May I present to you the latest in the blabbering, foaming-at-the-mouth spittle being shouted by our very own Bureau of Land Management? I’ll provide the link and a teaser. You read the article, then come back and I’ll share some more with you.

Drought prompts plan to remove wild horses in NV

Federal land managers say the drought is prompting plans to remove an unspecified number of wild horses from a large swath of the range in northeastern Nevada – two years after they removed some 1,400 mustangs from the same area.

The part of the article that really gets to me is this statement, “While they haven’t said how many horses they plan to remove, BLM officials said the 1.8-million acre area they’re targeting is home to roughly 1,500 wild horses, but it can only sustain from 548 to 1,015 mustangs.”

So just for grins, let’s say that they get it down to 1,000 horses. That’s 1,800 acres PER HORSE! Even more amazing is how the devil some suited bean counter comes up with, “1,800,000 acres? Let’s see. Divide by the coefficient of (mumble, jumble) and… well, it can only sustain 548 horses.”

No one, I mean absolutely NO ONE, should ever tell the suited bean counter that 15,000 head of cattle will be occupying the same land the moment the horses are removed. No one should ever tell the suited bean counter that ranchers have already fenced off the water holes so the cattle can drink but the horses die of thirst. 

Think it’s only here? Remember Australia, that warm, fun loving place where they are currently killing 10,000 horses from helicopters? Listen to this loving piece of garbage:

Wild horses ‘damaging alpine ecosystem’

An estimated 14,000 horses in the Mount Pilot wilderness area of Kosciuszko National Park are destroying streamside wetlands, eroding banks, compacting soil, altering stream courses, overgrazing and trampling sphagnum bog, the Observations of Pest Horse Impacts report says. “The impacts of pest horses in the pilot wilderness of Kosciuszko National Park were much greater and more pervasive than we had witnessed in over 40 years of intermittent observations,” the report said.

The report calls them “pest.” Sounds just like the rancher interviewed on NBC, doesn’t it? “Send them all to slaughter,” was his insightful statement. That’s 24,000 in Australia, 50,000 in holding pens in the US, thousands more being rounded up, 170,000 US horses slaughtered for meat last year. From Tibet to Singapore, the human race has declared war on horses of every breed, color, shape and size. “Kill them, shoot them, gut them, eat them! Use them till they drop, walk away from them, dump them when they can’t walk anymore!”

No, not all humans are like that. In a few very quiet places people respect and love the majestic horse, many work to restore the starved, neglected horse. Far too many shed tears as they realize what humans are doing. The hatred for horses should never have been a part of the human experience. Within the common mind of horse lovers everywhere wanders the same unanswered question – “Why?”

And my question to you is this – the majority of us, 80% to be exact, find the war on horses to be against our beliefs. While unknown, I would expect that the majority of Australians feels the same way, perhaps the belief is matched in Tibet, yet the raw, hate-filled slaughter continues. Why?

The War Against Horses – is it really a necessary evil or are we being lied to? Are we blinded by our love of horses? Are they really nothing more that giant cockroaches? If not, then why does a small minority of government minions cater to the demands of these psychotic equine haters while the majority of us ineffectively moan about the injustice of it all? 

One phrase we learned in the service – “Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do or die.” I didn’t accept the rule back then, nor should we, or the horses, accept it now. None of us appointed the horse-haters as our Supreme Leaders. 

So I am asking – WHY? Show us the absolute proof that horses need to be rounded up. killed in the field, slaughtered for meat, for any reason other than money. Every argument the horse haters devise comes up totally and completely empty. “OMG, they’re dying of thirst!” “OMG, they are trampling all the vegetation!” “OMG, they can’t live on only 1,800 acres each!”

Some of my best friends gave up their life in a land far away. One of them, Moss, lost his life taking a meaningless outpost that was given up the next day. To this day I still wonder why.

Today, over 300 American horses lost their life in slaughterhouses. Over 80% of the American people opposed that slaughter, yet it continues.


When you close your eyes for the final time tonight, please take a moment to remember all those to whom we owe our freedom, and say a word of thanks.

And when you open your eyes in the morning, never stay silent. Fight hard for the freedom of the horses. They need us now more than ever.


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AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • Debbie Tracy

    Honestly I am tearing up reading all that you have just wrote just makes it all so much more real even though we all know it is>.. I was talking to my neighbor about the plight of the horses, and this person totally agreed they are not getting a fare shake with all of it but this person is NOT doing a thing to help maybe stop it. My neighbor said to me why bother the GOV. does what they want anyway, I use to be like that but NO MORE , I have to try we all should try I got pretty up set to say the least when I heard WHY bother…I DO understand unfortunately this reasoning and I am sure many folks feel the same way even though they are against slaughter and what blm is doing they don’t bother because they don’t feel anything they would do would make any difference…. It is indeed a sad world we live in and I too don’t understand why so many want the horses gone, WHY INDEED??? Are we all missing something, guess we are right?? GREED and ME MYSELF & I Interest’s, is what thank god we are missing…

    Thank You Jerry for all you do and so many more people we could NOT do this ourselves… YOU are our voice….
    We all have to keep pushing forward to help all the horses and maybe some day SOON I hope our dreams will come true and our horses will be safe finally……

    May 27, 2013
  • Jerry, thank you for this profound article. Why about so many things but especially war and the killing of horses.
    The BLM is wiping them out at a rate now that will kill them off as the few left will either be sterilized or will inbreed and die off.
    Why didn’t the letter from Congressmen sent to then Secretary Of Interior Salazar about the wild horses sold to Tom Davis get answered ? Why is BLM getting by with breaking the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act ? Is this how corrupt our government is ? This is all the more reason we must keep trying and never give up.

    May 28, 2013
  • What are they doing fencing public property? Remove the fences.Let all those horses out of the pens and put the cattle in there. The BLM have already been proven liars, why is anyone still listening to them!

    May 28, 2013
  • Judy Wendt

    “Kill them, shoot them, gut them, eat them. Use them til they drop, walk away from them, dump them when they can’t walk anymore!”

    This is the philosophy humans have toward the animal kingdom. It is all rooted in greed and neglects the soul – of the animals and of the human predators. In this day and age we have much healthier alternatives. Using animals, including horses, for food and their carcasses in other ways is tradition/culture. Entire industries have a financial stake in seeing that this is not questioned. You are very brave to do so, Jerry Finch.

    May 28, 2013
  • Nancy B

    Jerry – Thank you for your service to our country. From this writing it appears you did serve, and I want to acknowledge that. Although we certainly, undoubtedly have some big problems here (ok, huge problems!), I believe we are still blessed to live here in the United States of America. Thank you for all you do for horses every single day. You are very brave and very wise. Your words are incredibly powerful, influential, and I appreciate that you share them. You inspire me … to believe, to not give up even when the fight can feel so frustratingly futile. God bless You.

    May 28, 2013
  • What do we do? What can we do? Why won’t they listen? We the tax paying “American Citizen” should have a say so in this matter. Why will they not leave the horses alone? Oh I forgot: greed! I do not own a horse but I love all animals.

    May 28, 2013
    • Judy Wendt

      Most do not have the courage to do even the simplest thing which would have a major impact – that is to stop being part of the demand. Eating beef increases the demand for more rangeland. Cattlemen want to remove the wild horses from our public lands so they can lease it cheaply and without competition. The BLM is just their tools. Many “cattle barons” see horse slaughter as a good solution to eliminate the “pests.” Some also encourage the consumption of horses worldwide and rationalize that this is no different from other “meat” animals (despite toxic vet medicines).

      In Europe slaughterers want to re-label cheval (horsemeat) as another type of beef and see nothing wrong with blending the two. Both species are objects to be exploited. Those who continue to consume beef are agreeing with their dollars. Take a stand. Hurt them where it counts – the pocketbook.

      May 29, 2013
      • Nancy B

        Judy – That’s exactly right! If we want to do something, if we want them to listen, to keep private cattle off of public land, preserve whats left of our wild horses, keep horse slaughter from returning to our country, one very easy and effective thing any of us can do is to stop giving them money and reinforcing their industry/behavior.
        And it’s so simple … Stop Eating Beef

        May 29, 2013
  • Lisa L.

    A quote by Geoff Young, publisher of ‘Horse Connection’ magazine, in an interview conducted and published by the Long Rider’s Guild Academic Foundation:

    “It is money that causes a horse to breakdown from running too many races. It is money that compels a rider to dope a sore horse in order to get him in the competition ring. It is money that drives the whip in an endurance race with a purse. And, it is money that forces horses into trucks bound for the borders that house abattoirs.

    Money and greed are the biggest threats to the well-being of the horse.”

    May 29, 2013
  • Amy B
    June 5, 2013