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The Confusing World of Food Safety 


July 10, 2013

images-1Just so you know, it’s perfectly okay to eat horse meat, even though it’s filled with a dozen drugs and even though there is no record of the drugs, amounts, dates given or anything else. The Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) said it, so it must be okay. Three equine slaughterhouses are set to open in the US with the blessings of our government, without any method to trace any history of the animals. “It”s the law!” the government says. “We can’t say no to them.”

Now comes the Food and Drug Administration (different building) that is jumping up and down on a farmer that sold one of his cattle to a slaughterhouse “for human food that contain illegal drug residues in violation of federal law.” In this case, penicillin.

So get out your notepads, kids, and follow along. The FSIS says there is NO reason to ban horsemeat simply because the horse was shot full of drugs. Seriously – read this decision by the FSIS


But cattle? Ah, different matter! The Hammer of Justice will bang down on the toes of the rancher that tries to pull a fast one. Example? Sure, read this:

FDA, Justice Department takes action against Vermont dairy farm

Defendants cited for illegal drug residues in cattle sold for human food
I mean, really. Click on the link and read it.
Here’s the letter they sent to the criminal:

Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations – WARNING LETTER


So by this time old man Lawson is probably peeing all over himself. What gets me is that Lawson Farms gave this cow penicillin, probably in the hopes that it might recover from whatever sickness it had. That is a hell of a lot more that 90% of the beef industry would do. 

Unknown-2Yet here we have a horse that has open sores, running nose, broken leg, busted out eyeball, two weeks off the racetrack, filled with 100 different speedo chemicals and the FSIS says, “Oh, that’s okay.”

I don’t know about you, but I take the whole thing as being contradictory as it can get, with two very obvious conclusions:

1) The horse slaughter industry has more power in DC than the cattle industry. A complete turnover with the cattle powers being told to go wait out in the hall while the horse killers have a private word with the lawmakers.

2) Real Americans don’t eat horsemeat, so why should anyone care what it has in it? Asians eat it, plus those uptight French people and Italians that scream all the time. And Russians – so what if a few million Russians get sick, right? I mean, they’re all commies.

Indeed, perhaps our government has developed a complex ethnocentric attitude. We’re Americans. We protect our own and to heck with everyone else.

Problem with that idea is that the companies making a ton of money off the slaughter of American horses are all European and Russian. We provide the raw material, pay for the inspectors, give the tax benefits, and they pocket the cash. And the horse breeders can keep pumping foals out.

What’s your opinion?