The Beginning is Near!

Brown in Houston, hosting "Greener Pastures."
 Brown in Houston, hosting "Greener Pastures."

Brown in Houston, hosting “Greener Pastures.”

You read it right – not the end, but the beginning. The expansion of Habitat for Horses is well underway and a deeply felt, emotional “thank you” is being given to a large number of devoted supporters.

On Thursday, November 8th, the benefit for “Greener Pastures” was held at Brown in Houston.

I seriously don’t think a more spectacular location is possible. Jill Brown not only opened up her store, but her heart, to host the event. From the valet parking staff to the green straws, no details were overlooked.

A little over 200 people came to support our mission and to listen to the music of Shake Russell and Michael Hearne, participate in the auction of photographs by award winning photographers Skeeter Hagler and Kathy Oliver, dine, drink and enjoy the crowd of fellow horse lovers.

Jason Bill, the auctioneer, was a delight to watch as he sailed through the donated items. Ginger Barber, with her two assistants Katie and Kim, and Penny Hagler exceeded all expectations in the planning details, with constant activity sending the crowd from one location to another.

The event started at six, and ended far too soon. The contributions haven’t been added yet, but it made an impressive leap toward the goal of a strong down payment on greener pastures.

There are too many people to thank individually, but a very special thanks needs to be extended to interior designer Ginger Barber and Penny Haber. These two are both an inspiration and a driving force behind finding the perfect location and bringing together those supporters that are taking part in the vision.

This is the beginning of “Greener Pastures.” From the horses, from all those who care about the horses, to Ginger, Penny, Jill Brown, Shake, Michael, Jason and so many others, thank you.


AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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