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Tennessee Walking Horse ‘Dutch’ saved from slaughter 

Big Lick horse shoes

How ridiculous to say that HSUS would make a false claim about a Tennessee Walking Horse! Dutch is the perfect spokes-animal – his suffering is why the PAST Act needs to be made into a law. ~ HfH

From: The Tennessean
By: Heidi Hall

Big Lick horse shoesThe battle for loyalties around the Tennessee Walking Horse becomes feverish this time of year.

On one side, the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration is starting to pepper media with announcements about what it will do to make sure there are no abused horses in its show ring at the end of this month. The horses will face blood tests for agents used in soring — injuring their legs on purpose to make them step higher and longer — and X-rays to check for hidden irritants.

And on the other side, the Humane Society of the United States last week rolled out its latest weapon — Dutch, a scarred Tennessee Walking Horse that, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture investigation, appeared at auction in New Holland, Pa., still wearing the tall front shoes that mark the breed’s performance class. A livestock dealer who typically supplies Canadian slaughterhouses sold him to a horse rescue.

Named for the Pennsylvania Dutch country where rescuers found him, Dutch’s exact location is a secret to the general public. He’s convalescing in a horse paradise south of Nashville — in open, grassy pastures and clean, roomy stalls, with rubber mats laid out over gravel so he can comfortably stroll to his grazing area on still-tender hooves.

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