Take a stand for California Mustangs in Massacre Lakes HMA

Massacre Lake Horses

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From: American Wild Horse Preservation

BLM Action Aims to Reduce Wild Horse Population While Allowing Many Times More Livestock in Designated Mustang Habitat

Photo by Carla Bowers © 2012

Photo by Carla Bowers © 2012

Comments Due by Friday, September 27, 2013


The wild horse herd of the Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area, one of California’s few remaining wild horse populations, has not been touched by man or helicopter since 1988. As such, the herd is valuable for scientific research, as well deserving of its fair share of forage and water, on lands designated by Congress as “principally but not exclusively for their welfare.”

Yet, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Surprise Field Office, in Cedarville, CA, is planning to wipe out most of this unique wild horse herd in favor of livestock grazing. The BLM is seeking public comments on an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a plan to set both the Allowable Management Levels (AMLs) for wild horses and grazing levels for privately-owned livestock on the public lands in the HMA. The BLM’s Proposed Action is to lower the wild horse herd of approximately 160-180 animals down to an unsustainable 25 & set the AML at 25-45 while allowing up to the annual equivalent of 141 cow/calf pairs to continue grazing. If the BLM has its way, livestock will be allocated three to six times more forage than wild horses in this HMA!

Now is the time to tell the BLM that California’s Massacre Lakes wild horses must be protected for future generations by setting an AML that sustains a genetically viable, diverse herd. This herd must not be destroyed at the behest of a single rancher who grazes livestock on our public lands at rock-bottom fees. Public lands livestock grazing is a privilege not a right, while protection of wild horses is mandated by federal law!

Thanks to the work of advocate Carla Bowers, the EA does include an alternative (#4) to set the AML for the herd at 100-121. An outpouring of public support for Alternative 4 is essential.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Denise Roberts

    As a tax paying US citizen, I want these wild horses left alone and the livestock removed from the land instead.

    September 27, 2013
  • Jan Schultz

    Please also ask for a moratorium on teh roundups to engage the scientific process as recommended by NAS. Carla did an awewsome job and we can rely on her presentation as a goal for BLM to achieve should they decide to go forward with the roundups.

    But please do send in comments. Support the horses and burros wiht your emails.

    September 27, 2013
  • Dianne Engleke

    Why should cows have more right to be on public land than wild horses? Something is very wrong there.

    September 27, 2013
  • Penny Zielstorf

    I am a USA tax payer and I do not mind paying my taxes to take care of the land for the wild horse herds, but I refuse to pay taxes for a cattle ranchers to graze cattle and then send them to market and I in turn pay them again for the beef. I enjoy seeing the wild horse herds, I believe we as Americans owe them a great deal their kind help build this country. From this point forward I will do all I can to fight for the American Horse wild or free and demand the SAFE Act is passed ASAP. I believe the BLM needs to make a change and stand for the wild horse and it’s safety or give it to someone else who is will to do the job I am paying them to do. Leave the WILD HORSES and BURROS alone we the tax payers are demanding it.

    September 27, 2013