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What Will Become of the Wild Horses?

There are few places on Earth that are truly free. Those wilderness areas that remain are so isolated or inhospitable that the land will not sustain life. Where visionaries have set aside natural reserves they have been beset by poachers, pollution, and human entry for economic gain. In a world of economy competing for natural resources, what will become ...Full Article

Saving the wild horses

Sarah Waters wants to keep wild horses wild. That is why the Lake Oswego woman is using her photography skills in a campaign that is dear to American horse ...Full Article

Why is the BLM killing wild horses?

The Bureau of Land Management is a federal agency tasked with protecting our heritage, including wild horses known colloquially as “mustangs.” These majestic animals have freely roamed North America ...Full Article

Wild horses in Eastern Kentucky face threats

Horses have roamed free for decades on old surface mines in Eastern Kentucky, but with unchecked breeding and owners apparently turning out more mares and stallions in recent years, ...Full Article

The world’s last truly wild horse is making a comeback

In the majestic Mongolian landscape, where the vast grasslands meet the endless dunes, herds of horses rove. Neither tethered nor constrained by fencing, they run and graze on the ...Full Article

A legendary breed of wild horse returns to Russia

There are only about 2,000 Przewalski horses left in the world, but in October six endangered members of this species arrived in Russia. Scientists hope to restore them in ...Full Article

‘Unbranded’ Sheds Light on Wild Horse Issues in the West

UPDATE – This is actually a Pro-Cattle / Anti- Wild Horse film according to those who have viewed screenings! It is difficult to tell from the promotional materials provided ...Full Article

Fewer choices for wild horses in BLM holding pens

As the drought and the wild fires continue in America’s West, the wild horse populations living there are in serious danger. In a recent round on BLM controlled land, ...Full Article

Arizona’s politicians take the side of the Salt River Wild Horses

Many of our readers are interested in the Salt River Wild Horses. They live on National Forest land in Arizona – not the land chosen by the federal government ...Full Article

Update on Salt River Wild Horses

Online and in-life efforts to save the Salt River Wild Horses appear to be working. Animal advocates and the federal government are working to settle a lawsuit over the ...Full Article
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