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Note To Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are invited to contact us for help in any area of animal abuse enforcement. We will provide forms, advice, transportation, documentation, whatever you need to help you enforce the laws. Through our network we can provide personnel to help you manage virtually any situation. If we cannot provide the answers, we will find those who can. ...Full Article

Anti-Cruelty Laws

Each state has its own laws governing “abuse and neglect.” Some are very strict, others just give a minimal definition and leave it up to the law enforcement officer ...Full Article

Seized Horses

The Henneke Body Condition Scoring System is used by most rescue operations rates horses from 1 to 9 based on the amount of fat and muscle visible in several ...Full Article

Report Cruelty

“The horse just doesn’t want to eat. I think he’s just old.” That’s not a valid excuse, nor is, “I just ran out of money,” “I think the horse ...Full Article