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Greener Pastures – A Land-Fund for Habitat for Horses

It was about 15 years ago that a retired Galveston Police Officer and his wife offered Habitat for Horses a 15 acre place next to his home in Hitchcock. SInce it was covered with thick underbrush, I knew a lot of work faced us before we could even consider placing horses there. Volunteers seemed to come from everywhere – ...Full Article

State & National Rescue Links

Most states have one or two nonprofit equine rescues with the ability to work with the legal system in helping abused or neglected horses. If you follow these links, ...Full Article

Note To Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are invited to contact us for help in any area of animal abuse enforcement. We will provide forms, advice, transportation, documentation, whatever you need to help ...Full Article

The Henneke Body Condition Scoring System

Don Henneke, PhD, developed the Henneke Body Condition Scoring System during his graduate study at Texas A & M University . It is based on both visual appraisal and ...Full Article

Seized Horses

The Henneke Body Condition Scoring System is used by most rescue operations rates horses from 1 to 9 based on the amount of fat and muscle visible in several ...Full Article

Report Cruelty

“The horse just doesn’t want to eat. I think he’s just old.” That’s not a valid excuse, nor is, “I just ran out of money,” “I think the horse ...Full Article

How Seizures Work

It might be a call from a police officer or a concerned neighbor, “I just saw a horse that looks like a bag of bones. Can you help?” Nonprofit ...Full Article

The Problem

Why Do People Abuse Horses? Studies are now showing a close relationship between animal abuse and future acts of violence both at home and in the community. In fact, ...Full Article

Twizzle’s Story

Update Dec 2012 Hundreds of horses pass through the gates of Habitat for Horses in any given year, each of them holding a special story and each deserving the ...Full Article


Saying goodbye to Rooster Some horses are people horses. They never do well in herds, don’t have any desire to stand side by side with another horse and had ...Full Article
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