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Effort Begins to Revive Endangered Przewalski Horse Population

There are those in the world doing their part to try and save the wild horses of the world. And this is one of the rarest of horse populations….the Przewalski. ~ HfH From: The Astana Times By: Julia Rutz Przewalski horses are expected to be delivered from Germany‚Äôs Nurnberg Zoo in an effort to revive the breed in Kazakhstan, ...Full Article

Aw-foal-ly cute: Wildlife Park welcomes endangered Przewalski foal

From: The Herald – Scotland The foal was born to 12-year-old mare Ieda and six-year-old stallion Hero at the park in Kingussie on September 2 and is doing well. ...Full Article

Celebrate their birth, fight about their death

August 1, 2013 (This first story is amazing – mankind’s attempt to restore what we almost lost. The second story is a rehash of the breaking news this week ...Full Article