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horse slaughter

While Some Rangers Head To Greener Pastures, Their Horses Aren’t So Lucky

My first partner in my first job with the National Park Service was a dark bay mare. I was extremely popular with the kids when I’d show up at the General Sherman Tree or Lodgepole Campground in Sequoia National Park riding Sweets. So you can imagine the shock and horror I felt last August when I learned that three ...Full Article

Congress releases bill that includes language defunding horse slaughter inspections

Good news from Capitol Hill. After months of wrangling over dozens of riders and spending levels, Congress has just released an omnibus appropriations bill to fund the government until ...Full Article

Lawmakers Call for Action After Mass Horse Slaughter

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are weighing in on the recent damning investigative report by the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General, about the Bureau ...Full Article

Federal report: Colorado wild horse buyer sold mustangs for slaughter

The nation’s largest buyer of wild horses repeatedly lied to federal officials and sent roughly 1,700 mustangs to the slaughterhouse, according to a scathing report issued Friday finding significant ...Full Article

Activist Explains How He Infiltrated Horse Slaughterhouses

Richard Couto borrows his looks from Mr. Clean: bald and intimidatingly muscular. He seems more comfortable in full combat gear than in a pair of Dockers. But as tough ...Full Article

Florida Raids Yield Arrests at Illegal Slaughter Farms

Six people are arrested for illegal horse slaughter operations in Florida. ~ HfH From: Pat Raia The operators of three illegal slaughter operations in Florida are facing multiple charges ...Full Article

Mexican Livestock Association Finding Meat Alternatives

What they meaning by “alternatives” is horse meat. Could it be that since Europe is no longer buying the numbers of horses for meat that once were that Mexico ...Full Article

What Researchers Found in U.S. Ground Meat Products Will Completely Gross You Out

Other news sources are starting to pick up the story that there is horse meat mixed in US commercial ground beef. Do be careful if you go out there ...Full Article

Study Says Americans Could be Eating Horsemeat Without Knowing

The news about the horsemeat study is starting to spread. We need to keep spreading, sharing it so that the BIG media outlets will finally recognize the story. The ...Full Article

Please share – 2 out of 10 mislabeled samples of American ground meat contain horse meat.

A doctoral student’s study of ground meat samples came up with the heartbreaking conclusion there is horse meat in our commercial food sources. Yesterday, we posted on article about ...Full Article
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