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horse safety

Hovdey: Without louder voices, SAFE Act passage unlikely

It takes a durable, well-developed sense of dark humor to be working as an animal welfare lobbyist in Washington these days, especially if your species of legislative passion is the horse. Chris Heyde of the Animal Welfare Institute has been fighting the good fight for horses long enough now to know that great leaps and bounds are made in ...Full Article

Stop torturing horses now

These days, it can be rare for legislators to reach across the aisle and work together to achieve meaningful change. It’s even rarer for partnerships to reach across time. ...Full Article

Wild horses in Eastern Kentucky face threats

Horses have roamed free for decades on old surface mines in Eastern Kentucky, but with unchecked breeding and owners apparently turning out more mares and stallions in recent years, ...Full Article

Disaster Preparedness: Barn Fires

Rather than post another story about barn fires, let us instead talk about how to prevent barn fires. One of our Facebook followers suggested using Equisearch to find out ...Full Article

Protecting your horses from predatory wildlife

Here in SouthEast Texas, where the HfH Ranch is, we recently have been seeing news articles on packs of dogs killing miniature horses and donkeys. Wildlife predators of all ...Full Article