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horse rescued

Video Shows Tale of Horse’s Rescue From Florida Sinkhole

There are many dangers that a horse faces when out in pasture. Plant life that is poisonous – from weeds to even trees can severely effect a horse’s health. Poor fencing, toxins left from previous planting…and now sinkholes. This is not the first time sinkholes have trapped horses. Land owners and those who lease space for their horses must ...Full Article

Watch: Terrified horse rescued from canal in Coseley

No matter where in the world, abandoning horses in city green spaces is cruel. Many civilized countries have equine rescues that will offer advice and / or assistance for ...Full Article

Socks the horse patiently waited out flood in Colorado

With all the flooding ongoing in Colorado, it is good to hear a horse survival story in the midst of the tragedy. From KUSA By Raquel Villanueva There is ...Full Article