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Horse Slaughter: The Truth Revealed, Part One – History

(The following is a series of copyrighted articles on the history, process, legislation and people playing a role in horse slaughter in the United States. This is a collaborative effort among a lot of people who have volunteered their time and effort to push back the curtain of propaganda and to bring the truth forward. Full Article

The Origins of Horse Slaughter in the United States

Most Americans are unaware that their horses are being slaughtered by the thousands so their meat can feed the plates of overseas bourgeois diners in countries such as Belgium, ...Full Article

The Slaughter Process: Walking the Halls of Horror

Industrialized horse killing is far from being the idealized, “aseptic”, “happy” process depicted by horse slaughter lobbyists and related proponents with such mind-insulting terms such as “horse harvesting”, employed ...Full Article