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Habitat for Horses Online Store

Purchases made at our online store will go towards to keeping our facilities open so more horses can be rescued!Last year, Habitat for Horses rescued over 350 horses from situations involving abuse and neglect. While some of the damage might have been caused by a lack of money or knowledge on the part of the owner, it all resulted in a horse coming close to death. The horse entered our gates asking for help, for one more chance, and that chance was given because of our supporters who opened up their hearts and checkbooks.
During the same year, Habitat for Horses found adoptive homes for 330 horses. These homes are inspected every six months, just to insure that the horses are safe, that any problems can be addressed and that both the adopter and the horse are happy. That’s our commitment to the horses we bring in – that they never again will suffer the pains of starvation or the horror of abuse.
All proceeds from our online store go to supporting our horse rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Our Online Store

“Until They Are Safe” Bracelets  Memorial Brick
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Until they are safe
 Click to enlarge imagebrick
 Each stainless steel bracelet is engraved with the words: “Until They Are Safe”, beneath that quote is a description of a horse that was needlessly slaughtered. Your purchase goes towards making that goal come true.$15 each includes shipping.

The Path of Memories – Our new facility in Manvel, Texas will feature a memorial walkway to a special meditation garden, paved with engraved bricks which honor those who have passed before us, be they equine,
dog, cat or human, and as a way for our supporters to show they stand beside us and share our passion to bring a better and safer world to all equine. The bricks are also a perfect way to commemorate a birthday,Memorial day, holiday or any special occasion.

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 Embroidered Pink Caps Embroidered Blue Caps
HfH Pink CapClick to enlarge imagesHfH Pink Cap back Blue Cap front HfHClick to enlarge imagesHfH blue Cap back
Proudly wear the Habitat for Horses logo embroidered in black on pink caps with decorative crystals for added sparkle. With the Habitat for Horses website embroidered on the back, your message will be seen coming & going.Only $15 each plus $2 shipping – total $17.
The Habitat for Horses logo on on the front and the website address on the back really stand out embroidered in crisp white on these blue caps. These caps are adjustable and make a thoughtful gift., so buy one for yourself and some your friends.Only $15 each plus $2 shipping – total $17.

Habitat for Horses Bumper Sticker  Habitat for Horses Patch
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HfH bumpersticker

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HfH Patch

“Give A Horse A Home” bumper sticker. Includes website information. Proudly display on your vehicle your dedication to equine rescue!$3.50 each includes shipping.

 Add one to your favorite jacket, vest or saddle pad and show off your Habitat for Horses pride. At just $8.00 per patch, why not all three!$8.00 each includes shipping.

2015 Habitat for Horses Calendar

Each month features gorgeous pictures and amusing quotes full of horse-sense! Proceeds fund Habitat for Horses rescue and rehabilitation programs.
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