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Pass the PAST Act, stop soring

Pressure needs to be kept up get approval for the PAST Act and end once and for all the inhumane practice of horse soring. One woman, Elizabeth Hansen of Billings, MT appears to be writing every editor of every paper in her area which is in turn being picked up by Google News and other feeds. It is basically the same as the one we posted the other day but the point is to keep up the pressure. ANYONE who wants to stop horse soring should be doing the same thing. You do not have to live in a large town. Many moderate and small town papers are picked up online as well. Let your voice be heard. Of course, be sure to write or call your Congressman as well – click here to find out how.

Below is yet another well written letter by Elizabeth Hansen. We do not know who she is, but we thank her for taking the time to help stop horse “soring”! ~ HfH

Urge Tester, other leaders in Congress to support ban on ‘soring’ horses
From: The Missoulian

By: Elizabeth Hansen

Pass the PAST Act, stop soring You think that “soring,“ this torturous training tactic inflicted on horses to exaggerate their gait into a grotesque movement known as the “big lick,” which wins ribbons at gaited horse shows, doesn’t happen in Montana? The story I asked you to imagine above was me, in Billings, only eight years ago. I was a groom for a famous Tennessee Walking Horse trainer working at a barn in Billings. I was just getting back into horses. I trusted people whom I thought loved horses.

I was so blind, and afraid to stand up to an issue I didn’t know much about. But that’s all changed now. This is my chance to make a difference and I hope you will join me. Don’t turn a blind eye to these horses like I once did due to my ignorance.

The Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act (S.1406/ H.R. 1518) has been introduced in Congress to eliminate soring. Please contact U.S. Sen. Jon Tester and ask him to join over 325 members of Congress and cosponsor this anti-crime bill which is endorsed by the Montana Veterinary Medical Association, the American Quarter Horse Association, the National Sheriffs’ Association and a multitude of horse industry and veterinary groups from around the country. We need to end this abusive training method once and for all.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Albert Gardner

    Please stop the soring of horses and make it a law that no one can do it without jail time and a big fine!!!

    June 2, 2014