Sound Off: Over 80% of Americans Oppose Predatory Horse Slaughter




You are frustrated, angry, hurt and confused as to why a small band of deviate horse haters can progress legislation and gain media attention in their attempt to kill, butcher, slaughter, torture and ultimately eat the very companion animal on who’s back this country was founded; have you had enough?

The good folks at Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Habitat for Horses and RT’s Straight from the Horse’s Heart blog most certainly have so we are supplying you with a means in which you can not only vent but have your point and opinion heard by those who write the laws in this great land.

If you visit here often you are aware that there are two bills pending on Capitol Hill to, once and for all, put an end to the unspeakable cruelty of horse slaughter, they are:

The Safeguard American Food Experts Act (HR 1094)To prohibit the sale or transport of equines and equine parts in interstate or foreign commerce for human consumption.


S 541A bill to prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the US. 

Currently these bills are being tracked on POPVOX by members of the House and Senate and they ARE listening and it is YOUR voice that needs to be heard.

Please take a moment to weigh in and speak your mind:

Click (HERE) for the SAFE Act (HR 1094)
Click (HERE) for S 541


You can make a difference as even now these bills are tracking 79% in Support so let’s get the numbers up so our legislators know that we mean business.

Pass the link to this post around and let’s get the message out as that is what needs to be done…people NEED to know that it is all about the Horses!


AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • As an American and a taxpayer, I demand to know why our lawmakers are unwilling or unable to pass legislation that will end horse slaughter for once and for all. Over 80% of the American population is opposed to horse slaughter and those that are for it, stand to profit from it or don’t know the real facts. Our horses are not bred for slaughter. They are pumped full of drugs that make them unsuitable for consumption. Instead of enabling the indiscriminate breeders, why not pass legislation that would impose sanctions or require licensing that would create revenue? Why are our legislators so intent on torturing our horses, lowering land value, polluting our waters? There is only one answer: greed.

    March 19, 2013
  • Done – on both!
    Thank you for sending this out in this format. It’s easy to respond, write comments to our representatives and voice our point of view.
    We will share with our community and ask them to participate also.

    March 19, 2013
  • Cindy Cardy

    This is inthinkable. has anything been learned about the recent meat scandel in Europe ? Do people in North America want the same to happen here

    March 19, 2013
  • Linda Jackson

    I have emailed our local NPR (National Public Radio Station) to cover this story since it hasn’t aired as yet. Also, the switchboard telephone number (to speak to your state senator’s office) is 1-855-686-6927. Enough calls could be effective.

    March 19, 2013
  • carlotti

    stop this horror!

    March 19, 2013
  • Signed, thank you for given us the tool to help in anyway we can!!! This is consumeing my thoughts all I can see is a horse hanging being tortured it is so so wrong they are a smart animal and they have all kinds of feelings!! Horrible if this Bill does not go through and preven t ALL HORSES from Slaughter here and Abroad!! WHEN WHEN are they going to vote aren’t we running out of time!?!?!? STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!! God Help us and our beautiful horse that deserves better than being tortured!!! Thanks

    March 19, 2013
  • Ricky Rogers

    Horse slaughter is one issue that the politicians are turning a def ear to. Proof is the vast majority of Americans are opposed to any form of horse slaughter and the politicians know it as well and yet the slaughter continues even with all the public outcry to stop it NOW! Just more evidence that the gov only listens to BIG BUSINESS who line their pockets and in this case at the expense of innocent lives. Anything short of removing these greedy rogue politicians from office is futile to helping save our equines. Our founding fathers warned us about letting government get bigger than WE-THE-PEOPLE.

    March 19, 2013
  • Maureen

    It’s time to stop this right now. Our animals are not burger meat! Horses deserve our respect. This is ridiculous.

    March 19, 2013
  • sherriey

    thank you!!!! this was one of the best tools yet!
    signed on both….done on both! what a great way to say what you want to say.

    March 19, 2013
  • Ranching Cowgirl

    Have you ever held a crying child at a sale barn as a broken legged horse was sold to slaughter? I have his father made $200.00 and broke his only sons heart. That was his sons lovely mare he had ridden his whole life. The boy ended up killing himself because he knew his father did not care about any thing except money. No surprise! But a Tragic loss.
    Horse slaughter is wrong and has many innocent victims. This country has spoken starting with Mustang Anne. Why do the Reps and so called elected officials keep trying to railroad the public with horse slaughter? MONEY…. PURE GREED!
    When they say this relieves the sick and the old horses and the poor owners, don’t believe them. When you have any doubt watch the video of Tim Sappington now former employee of the proposed horse slaughter facility in Roswell New Mexico…. listen carefully to what he says…Does that horse look old or sick NO!
    That is the type of auction barn, slaughter house
    mentality out there. The Roswell slaughter faculty is crying victim now because they have allegedly received threats. Well talk about bringing this on your selves and then crying victim! No moral or ethical person that knows the truth about horse slaughter in this country or the drugs American horses are given would ever support horse slaughter. It is a money driven issue and it is about time that people be responsible for there pets and do the right thing. Vote these people and their wacko agendas out of office. If they are anti gun RUN them out because you may need that gun to defend your innocent horses in your own back yard! If we don’t fight the mustangs will soon be gone also.Why? MONEY
    On who’s back was America made? HORSES
    What happened to elected to serve the people?
    We the people must take back America stand up
    and be heard!
    Speak out loud the innocents are depending on you!

    March 22, 2013
    • You have hit it on the nail completely!! GREED our GOV. has gotten so BIG ( WE THE PEOPLE ) are not heard at all!!! They do what they want when they want and line their pockets while there at it!!!! I still don’t get it though, with the recent tainted meat and knowing how so many don’t want this!!!! Oh it makes me so so angry, and we are running out of time I think that Bill 1094 will never leave the committee’s you watch, I don’t want to think that but hard not to!!! SO SICK 🙁

      March 22, 2013
  • Ranching Cowgirl

    Another thing about the Mustangs…..I raise cattle and I can tell you the cattle damage the fields and trees and fences more then the horses ever do!

    Don’t worry your Government is in control!!!!

    March 22, 2013
  • S. Stephenson

    Here is a super website to find your Congressmen/women. Drop them a polite but firm note asking that they support both of these bills. We’ve had enough.. let them know.

    March 22, 2013
  • I’ve been writing and faxing my so called Reps and Senators for YEARS. So far, I don’t even know how they stand of the issue of horse slaughter, let alone how to educate them about what’s really going on.

    Writing/faxing them is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. Jerks.

    April 6, 2013