Sometimes Facebook gets it wrong: Eagle Rock horses won’t be euthanized.

Eagle Rock Equestrian Center

Recently a viral Facebook post made the rounds about 13 horses that were to be euthanized. Very quickly, we here at HfH received numerous contacts from people crying out to us to do something… We take a deep breath and do our research instead of jumping on the bandwagon. As it turns out, we were correct in doing so. Facebook is not always the most reliable source for information. FB posts by organizations, such as Habitat for Horses, that attempt to verify sources or use reputable agencies is a different matter. But when you see something that is from a friend of a friend of a friend who overheard or an unknown source… well a grain of salt is needed. Call the place that is being accused to see what they have to say before making accusations yourself. Over 300 actual horses are sent to slaughter from the United States to other countries every single day. This is the news that should be viral on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and beyond. Actual kill buyers abound in the United States, yet there is no outraged controversy, no hand wringing over the fate of these horses. ~ HfH

Eagle Rock: Horses won’t be euthanized

From: Standard Speaker
By: Tom Ragan

Eagle Rock Equestrian Center

JAMIE PESOTINE/Staff Photographer Joey Manos, director of the Eagle Rock Equestrian Center, stands with his show horse, Ghost, prior to a press conference Friday.

New management at the Eagle Rock Equestrian Center reiterated Friday that 13 horses owned by its former manager are looking for new homes and will not be euthanized.

New facilities manager Joey Manos is familiar with the 13 horses owned by former manager Gary Schwalm and believes the horses will “make wonderful mounts for their new owners.”

Jeannine Mazurkiwecz, who does public relations and marketing for Eagle Rock, said earlier this month that the equestrian center was changing management and is presently closed for “renovations.” The equestrian center rents from Eagle Rock Resort.

Schwalm, who managed the equestrian center for the past eight years, said the 13 horses remaining from the equestrian center are up for sale or adoption.

They consist of a variety of breeds and sizes from a miniature pony to riding horses, according to Schwalm, who at one time did “trail rides” at the sprawling Eagle Rock complex.

The horses are in good health but Schwalm was overwhelmed by the response after someone posted on social media site Facebook that the horses were going to be euthanized if he did not find homes for them. The Standard-Speaker, which ran a story Feb. 15 about the horses being for sale, received hundreds of emails in just a few days after publication.

No one, including Schwalm or Eagle Rock, anticipated such a response.

Schwalm said he wants to find good homes for his horses and he is doing the screening process himself.

Anyone interested in Schwalm’s horses can email him at or call 717-647-9342 for more information.

Schwalm is no longer affiliated with Eagle Rock or the equestrian center.

New manager, horses

In addition to introducing Manos as the new facility manager, the center also showed off three of its seven new horses. Ghost, a white stallion; Echo, an all-black horse; and Prince, a multi-colored horse, were on display for the media.

Manos introduced some of his staff, including Rebecka Logan, one of the riding instructors, who he said is very passionate about horses. She has been riding horses all of her life and has been an instructor the past six years.

When asked about the health of the horses at the facility, she didn’t hesitate.

“Yes, the horses are healthy. We wouldn’t ever hurt any of them,” Logan replied.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Sue

    I saw this posting and wondered if it was true. There are far too many unsubstantiated postings on FB, including re-posts of horses or dogs that already have been saved but people keep reposting instead of READING the posting!! Honestly, after about two months of FB, I’m thinking its really a waste of time.

    February 26, 2014