Shocking News! The BLM is doing it wrong!


June 5, 2013

So this really was a bad idea after all!

So this really was a bad idea after all!

To prove once and for all that they, being the BLM, knows more than anyone else about how to handle wild horses, they, being the BLM, requested a panel assembled by the National Academies of Science’ National Research Council to study the issue and report back.  Now, after a two-year-long review, the report says they, being the BLM, is doing it wrong.

I’m holding back my laughter on this one. A completely dysfunctional government agency going to a bunch of intelligent scientists to verify and uphold the status quo? Sure, it works if a dysfunctional private industry, aka the “horse” industry, goes to the GAO and asks for a report saying horse slaughter is wonderful. It works because many of those currently in public office receive a lot of financial support from the “horse” industry. Sorry, BLM,  those folks at the National Academies of Science just don’t seem to support your destructive methods and they don’t need your money to stay in office.

The question is – are you cowboys going to listen to them? And, BTW, are you going to start listening to the masses of tree-hugging, tofu-eating liberal commies that dare raise an objection to your roundups and who have been telling you the same thing  the scientists said over and over? Remember those irritating speakers at your meetings that you allowed to speak for 3 whole minutes during that period called, “public comments.” Maybe not, since not one of you paid attention.

Bah! Enough… Read the report HERE, make your own judgement and wait for the changes. The changes have been recommended many times before, from HSHS, the ASPCA, from the Cloud Foundation, from some of the worlds’ greatest eco-scientists. Stop doing the roundups, get the public involved, use PZP, use, for god’s sake, your brain.

Personally, I doubt that anything will change within the BLM, for they have become gods unto themselves. They feel threatened by anyone outside of their closed group, namely that sicko bunch of people called “the public.” 

I don’t mean to be biased, but experience speaks a lot louder than all the “do-good” talk they’ve done. I can only hope that the new leadership can change the direction of the BLM before every single wild horse is gone forever. There simply isn’t that much time left.


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AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • BlessUsAll

    What a relief to see the work of a body of scientists whose members haven’t been bought and paid for, despite being hired by an agency that is itself bought and paid for. Their report spells I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y!

    Seems like the BLM was hoisted by its own petard. What made them think they could get away with another snow job? Don’t they know that the truth always “outs” itself eventually?

    Sorry for all the mixed metaphors….

    June 5, 2013
  • sherriey

    geee…wonder how much money that cost to come to the same conclusion that all us non-scientists already knew and have been telling them for years?
    but….they won’t listen. they will come up with some stupid excuse on why the 2 yr study is wrong….after all….they are the BLM!
    …genuflect one and all…the BLM will know better!!

    (snicker… the BLM….”told ya so!!!”)

    June 5, 2013
  • Nancy

    Thank You! For the post to verify all I have felt in my heart <3 to be a fact.

    June 5, 2013
  • Margaret

    I was worried back when it was announced that NAS couldn’t look at cattle grazing for rangeland degradation. But from the little that I’ve read of this report (I’m speaking of the whole 451 page book)it seems like this group knew full darn well what the BLM expected them to say. AND THEN NAS TURNED AROUND AND SAID THEYNWERE DOING IT WRONG!

    I worried when I heard BLM had paid NAS for this. It sure seemed like some collusion was going to happen. BUT NAS KNEW!

    NAS told BLM there record keeping wasn’t good enough. I think this is on page 7. Told you I hadn’t gotten very far! That seems absolutely in line with what we know (or don’t).

    I know there’ll be a ton more from me regarding this. For now I simply breathe the sweet air that Director Jewell may well have to do something that no one to date has had the gumption to do and that is PROTECT THE HORSES!

    Perhaps a big question I have is this. How does this report effect the roundup about to take place in WY? Is there any chance now of stopping that insane roundup. WY and her checkerboard ownership was set up to fail the horses from the start.

    June 5, 2013
  • Margaret

    Sorry Jerry but we know where BLM’s is located and isn’t above the shoulders…

    June 5, 2013
  • Nancy

    So many people have worked so hard I do Salute You!!!! Now It’s on lets Get Er Done!!!!

    June 5, 2013
  • I have received this report and a synopsis of what it says from 5 of my favorite Horse Advocacy groups. And each of them have found the report from the NAS to foster the truth that we have known for years.. The BLM is deluded into believing that they can continue as they have been until they can make the ranchers happy by (as one said at the public meeting in OK city)permanent solution, which we knew meant slaughter for the horses in holding and eventual extinction for the others on the range. I agree with BlessUsAll.
    Jerry seems to know that this won’t change anything… But I live with hope..

    June 5, 2013
  • Margaret

    Another comment–page 10 talks about WinEquus which is a modeling program. Seems that this program uses a default factor for all HMA’s unless the user inputs things correctly. But please someone double check my reading of this! I just wanna be sure I have it right!

    June 6, 2013
  • Debbie Tracy

    WOW, can you believe it, AND to think they could of had this info FREE years ago really if BLM had JUST listened!!! But instead they hired folks for millions, yup and we wonder where all our money is??

    I read one article where a guy named GORY I believe said advocates are going to try and use this report for NO MORE ROUNDUPS as a cause or something and he said they are very much mistaken it is a law we have to uphold, WHAT in H-LL is he talking about this comment was NOT GOOD….. AT least this report shows everyone in writing how wrong they have been in handling the horses… I honestly don’t know HOW they can ignore this…. Jewell better step up and start going down a better path… My one question for now is WHAT happens to ALL the horses in holding, will they be sterilized and be able to go back to their HOME their LAND??? Oh gosh wouldn’t that be just a wonderful thing??? I am going to think only positive on this issue that BLM will finally do the right thing for the horses..

    June 6, 2013
  • With 70% of the herds no longer genetically viable and sustainable why is population control even being considered? Also why weren’t the issues of over-grazing by the millions of cattle and all the extractoil, gas and coal considered? Was it because BLM furnished the panel will all the information? I am surprised the panel did as well as they did considering everything. Now all roundups and removals and the BLM’s “managing for extinction” must be stopped immediately. Return the 50,000 wild horses and burros in holding to the 27 million legal acres taken from them.

    June 6, 2013
  • The report stated the 15-20% increase in the reproduction rate was caused by the roundups
    (removals) so it seems by just stopping the removals the rate will decrease and sterilization will not be necessary. The reason the rate increased was to try to try to stop the wild horses’ extinction . Give them back the over 20 million acres taken from them and free the nearly 50,000 in holding. Sterilization will only cause the destruction of the wild horses’ complex society and result in even less than the 18-22,000 still free in all the West. They ought to be on the endangered species list.

    Read more here and comment :

    June 6, 2013
  • Linda Jackson

    Jerry: Please continue to keep us all updated and it’s helpful to include the email addresses of those organizations who share our view on equine (horse/burro) genocide. Being proactive is the only course because once they get started it is more difficult to stop bolting humans.

    June 6, 2013
  • Dan Cordero

    Bravo Jerry; good to see you finally adopted Larra’s caustic style although I doubt you did it just for the shake of it and probably wanted things to be otherwise.

    At any rate, those wondering why BLM didn’t do this before the answer is simple enough: The roundups and the holding pens is just welfare. A good way for some dudes with brothers-in-law at BLM to finance their lifestyles and access expensive pimpings and related paraphernalia for their new Chevy Nitros. Works very well for politicians here.

    BLM’s trap-n-hack programme involves quite a lot of dough. A million dollar could set anybody for life. Now imagine if you could tap in from those plus 30 million bucks flowing down the taxpayer waiting for some smartass to catch them down… And only for the mere cost of setting up a temporary corral and doing some flybys on a crappy beatup chopper put together from junk yard parts.

    Seriously, a lot of people would have to find real jobs if there weren’t such monies flying around.

    June 7, 2013