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Shocking News! The BLM is doing it wrong! 

June 5, 2013

So this really was a bad idea after all!

So this really was a bad idea after all!

To prove once and for all that they, being the BLM, knows more than anyone else about how to handle wild horses, they, being the BLM, requested a panel assembled by the National Academies of Science’ National Research Council to study the issue and report back.  Now, after a two-year-long review, the report says they, being the BLM, is doing it wrong.

I’m holding back my laughter on this one. A completely dysfunctional government agency going to a bunch of intelligent scientists to verify and uphold the status quo? Sure, it works if a dysfunctional private industry, aka the “horse” industry, goes to the GAO and asks for a report saying horse slaughter is wonderful. It works because many of those currently in public office receive a lot of financial support from the “horse” industry. Sorry, BLM,  those folks at the National Academies of Science just don’t seem to support your destructive methods and they don’t need your money to stay in office.

The question is – are you cowboys going to listen to them? And, BTW, are you going to start listening to the masses of tree-hugging, tofu-eating liberal commies that dare raise an objection to your roundups and who have been telling you the same thing  the scientists said over and over? Remember those irritating speakers at your meetings that you allowed to speak for 3 whole minutes during that period called, “public comments.” Maybe not, since not one of you paid attention.

Bah! Enough… Read the report HERE, make your own judgement and wait for the changes. The changes have been recommended many times before, from HSHS, the ASPCA, from the Cloud Foundation, from some of the worlds’ greatest eco-scientists. Stop doing the roundups, get the public involved, use PZP, use, for god’s sake, your brain.

Personally, I doubt that anything will change within the BLM, for they have become gods unto themselves. They feel threatened by anyone outside of their closed group, namely that sicko bunch of people called “the public.” 

I don’t mean to be biased, but experience speaks a lot louder than all the “do-good” talk they’ve done. I can only hope that the new leadership can change the direction of the BLM before every single wild horse is gone forever. There simply isn’t that much time left.


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