Sedition – what is really happening out West (video)

ATV riders on May 11th violate Federal lands.

It is about time that someone is properly calling what these armed cattle ranchers and other Cliven Bundy supporters are doing out in the West – Sedition. And the local party that is backing them…and the national level media that supports this party is …the GOP. How does this relate to horses? Basically, the Bundy crowd want the Federally managed lands the wild horses and other wild life live on done away with so they can allow their cattle and ATVs to roam freely. They want to be able to do as they will with any wild life that gets in their or their expensive cattle’s way. The BLM has been avoiding or assisting their efforts in recent weeks… it looks like that time maybe ending. The local and national media need to stop playing into the hands of these radicals. They know that saber rattling has recently allowed them more lee way on the negotiation table when they temporarily put the guns downs. Stop giving in to bullies or the horses will lose their rights to these lands. More GOP members need to call these anti-government types out for what they are and not play along with them. Be brave and stand for what the GOP long ago stood for – Conservationism…not sedition. ~ HfH


From: Esquire’s Political Blog
By: Charles P Pierce

ATV riders on May 11th violate Federal lands.

ATV riders on May 11th violate Federal lands.

It’s really time for the Republican party, at the local, state, and party levels, to man up here, or else to say clearly that individual acts of seditious lawlessness are part of the party’s basic philosophy of government. Maybe each Republican state committee can have an annual Calhoun-Davis Day Dinner.

Their message Saturday was clear amid the dust: This was the latest challenge by citizens saying they are defending state and local rights against an increasingly arrogant federal government that has overstepped its role in small communities such as Blanding. The protagonist this time wasn’t a private rancher like Cliven Bundy, who prevailed in a standoff with the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada. This protest was the brainchild of a public official, San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman, who contends that this town of 3,500 residents has tried hard to compromise with the bureau to reopen scenic Recapture Canyon to all-terrain vehicles. BLM officials banned the vehicles to protect archaeological sites, a move residents say has cheated them out of a prime recreational area. Unlike in the Bundy incident, no guns were brandished here, but the words were volatile. “If you make a rule that I have to lick your boots,” Lyman said of federal officials, “I’m just not going to do that.”

Phil, of course, is what Joseph Warren would have been, has Warren been a CPA.

Lyman said the much-publicized ride on the northern section of the 11-mile trail is less about the canyon specifically and more about public access to trails in general. “This is not about Recapture. It is not about ATVs. It is not politics, it is not economics,” he said. “It is part of who I am. It is part of Blanding, and it is our culture, too. We don’t not want to see groups come in and say these trails did not exist … it was a thoroughfare since the mid-1800s.”

Which is about when a big-government program called the U.S. Cavalry came along and cleared out all the natives so that, one day, Phil Lyman could help people dodge taxes and act like a jackass on weekends.

(And, of course, the local Native Americans objected, too, but they haven’t been relevant since “the mid-1800s.”)

This is an elected official, not some racist wrinkle-bag like Cliven Bundy. If you vote for Phil Lyman, you are voting for sedition. If you are Fox News, and you celebrate him, you are celebrating sedition. It is long past time for the Republican party to fish or cut bait on this end of movement conservatism. Either support the seditious philosophy of local control, or oppose it. But they shouldn’t be allowed any more to use its energy during election years and then walk away after the votes are cast.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Sue

    The Dept. of the Interior and the National Parks Dept. have studied our Federal lands and decided which archeological sites to protect. Over 20 years ago, all ATVs were stopped from entering a park in S. CA (not absolutely sure which one) because the ATVs were creating “donuts” around ancient sites. There are so many other places to ATV, no need to damage every site!

    Which now bring us to the death of the 3,000 year old redwoods…..

    May 14, 2014
  • mustang man

    Sedition, That word sure gets thrown about a lot. Maybe all these hicks and GOP types should look back in history a little bit (see reading) there was another sedition attempt, and it ended up being called the civil war. Now for all you big brawny, constitution types that won’t give up your guns until they are pried from your cold dead fingers, let me explain to you how this works. You have your legal or illegal class 3 weapon; you start shooting at the Humvee down the street coming to take them away from you. The Air force then proceeds to send in a 40 year old chopper called a ”Cobra”, one hell fire and 5000 rounds of 20 mm and 7.62mm Gatling gun rounds later there are no fingers. Dead, cold or otherwise for you to give up your gun. Grow up, read a bit, stop listening to your drug addicted lying, wife cheating hero’s you Ditto heads and realize this is the 21st century and society changes with the times, that and the times you dream of never existed in the first place. Back to 1864 again. If you don’t like the way the USA is going you are always welcome to move back to England.

    May 14, 2014
  • Shane Destry

    Sedition might not be the right word to describe the clash of equally lawless forces out West, with the collateral damage in this war being Nature itself, including wild horses. The BLM who ignores law in order to cater to corporate interests, both cattle ranchers and fracking, is in a turf war with corporate interests in “developing” (viz.) destroying Nature using states rights as a phony banner for their Crusade. Those who took up arms and hastened to support Cliven Bundy don’t even realize they are just pawns in a turf war between the same corporate interests. One side tries to forward it through federal agencies like the BLM. The other has chosen to rile up state based interests in these land grabs. Both sides are lawless anarchists in the sense that neither cares anything about the effect of their profiteering on the American people, let alone on Nature.

    May 14, 2014
  • Susan carter

    Well, then these Freedom-lovers should have no problem with a dance party on the White Hose lawn, a BBQ at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a game of football at Arlington Cemetery, a Atv ride across Valley Forge or a picnic on John Wayne’s Grave!. Is nothing sacred?

    May 14, 2014