SAFE, King and PAST – three must-wins for horses

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Keith Dane, VP of HSUS Equine Protection, sent a very important message we here at Habitat for Horses wish to share with you.

From: Humane Society of the United States
By: Keith Dane

Keith Dane, VP Equine Protection HSUS

Keith Dane, VP Equine Protection HSUS

Dear friends,

As you know, a week ago Friday a federal judge cleared the way for horse slaughter to resume on U.S. soil by allowing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to start inspections at horse slaughter plants in several states. The HSUS has appealed that decision and obtained an emergency, temporary stay. The court has asked for a briefing on whether the stay should be extended for the duration of the appeal, which we have submitted.

In the meantime, we will continue our work to block the plants from opening in IA, MO and NM, and our aggressive efforts in Congress to get the SAFE Act passed. Ultimately, a full ban is the only way to protect America’s horses from slaughter both here and abroad.

In light of last week’s court ruling, many advocates and supporters have been contacting HSUS to find out what they can to do help ensure that horse slaughter does not resume on U.S. soil. It is extremely urgent that you contact your legislators on Monday and urge them to pass the SAFE Act which would ban the slaughter of American horses both on U.S. soil and abroad. At any moment our fight to block the opening of plants here in the U.S. could come to a legal dead-end, so please contact your legislators (even if you’ve already done so), and ask your friends and family to do the same!

Horses and other animals are also in danger of losing protections afforded under various state animal welfare laws. The House version of this year’s Farm Bill contains a provision from Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) that would undo animal welfare laws in many states. If passed, this dangerous, over-reaching amendment could repeal all of the state horse slaughter bans that advocates such as yourself have fought so hard to put in place. To learn more about how this dangerous amendment could change animal protection laws, please click here.

Please take action today and contact your legislators urging them to block the dangerous King amendment.

Finally, with 224 cosponsors in the House and 27 in the Senate, the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act to end the terrible abuse inflicted on show Tennessee Walking Horses, has amassed tremendous momentum. A hearing in the House Energy & Commerce Committee will be held this Wednesday, and we hope it will be a powerful verification of the need for this legislation, leading to prompt action on the House floor. We want to continue to build the cosponsor count to show overwhelming support for PAST, and need for you to contact your legislators once again to urge them to get on the bill, or to reinforce their decision to cosponsor, if they already have.

On behalf of the horses and all of the animals that the HSUS works so hard to protect, thank you for taking action on these extremely time sensitive matters. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HSUS Equine Protection Department at

All best,

Keith Dane

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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