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Running with Nevada’s wild horses 

Madeleine Pickens

No studs, no family groups… are these truly “wild horses”? According to this promo piece – $2400 for 4 days to see what was free before, Pickens’ eco-sanctuary looks more like a wild west tourist trap. ~ HfH

From: Financial Times
By: Beatrice Hodgkin

Madeleine Pickens

Madeleine Pickens

Some 40,000 wild horses still roam free in the US, and at a new ranch and sanctuary in Nevada guests can watch them close up

The mid-morning sun is simmering over northeast Nevada as 20 or so mustangs – a dusty haze of caramel, chocolate and hazelnut – thunder along, hooves pounding. Driving them are two cowboys in Stetsons, checked shirts and spurs. Behind soar the magnificent snow-capped Ruby Mountains. It’s an exhilarating welcome to Mustang Monument, an eco ranch and wild horse sanctuary which opens this weekend 160 miles west of Salt Lake City.

Around 2,000 mustangs roam this 600,000-acre ranch, which is being opened up to tourists by Madeleine Pickens, a glamorous and feisty animal welfare activist (as well as the widow of Gulfstream Aerospace founder Allen Paulson and former wife of Texan oil billionaire T Boone Pickens). Her goal is to allow visitors to witness the wild horses running free – a spectacle she considers North America’s equivalent of Africa’s great wildebeest migration – and in doing so to raise awareness of the complicated issues surrounding their survival.

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