Ruby Ridge-style Standoff Brewing: Armed Feds Prepare For Showdown With Nevada Cattle Rancher


Included with this article is a separate video shared with us showing a confrontation between cattle ranchers and the BLM. It is our sincere hope that the BLM protects the wild horses in Nevada but all indicators point towards them giving in to the cattle ranchers. ~ HfH

From: The PPJ Gazette
By: Paul Joseph Watson

blmcontrontationA Ruby Ridge-style standoff is brewing in Nevada, where dozens of armed federal agents are closing in on cattle rancher Cliven Bundy over claims that Bundy has allowed his cows to graze illegally on government land, endangering a protected species of tortoise.

Vowing to take a stand for, “your liberty and freedom,” Bundy says he is prepared to be killed as authorities surround a 600,000 acre section of public land as a result of Bundy violating a 1993 Bureau of Land Management ruling which changed grazing rights in order to protect the endangered desert tortoise.

“With all these rangers and all this force that is out here, they are only after one man right now. They are after Cliven Bundy. Whether they want to incarcerate me or whether they want to shoot me in the back, they are after me. But that is not all that is at stake here. Your liberty and freedom is at stake,” Bundy said.

Pro-Cattle crowd runs off BLM after a serious confrontation

Bundy’s refusal to recognize federal authority over the land under dispute and his failure to pay tens of thousands of dollars in grazing fees stems from his assertion that his family’s history trumps bureaucracy.

“My forefathers have been up and down the Virgin Valley ever since 1877. All these rights I claim have been created through pre-emptive rights and beneficial use of the forage and water. I have been here longer. My rights are before the BLM even existed,” Bundy said.

Accusing feds of seizing Nevada’s sovereignty, Bundy says he has fought the battle legally, through the media, and is now gearing up to fight it physically.

“Armed agents are forming a military-like staging area to prevent anyone from approaching the area,” writes Mike Paczesny.

Bundy asserts that his case is emblematic of how America has been transformed into a “police state,” labeling the government’s actions “pathetic”.

Hundreds of federal officials, aided by helicopters, low flying aircraft and hired cowboys, began rounding up Bundy’s cattle on Saturday as Bundy accused them of “trespassing,” adding that the impact will only serve to raise beef prices for residents of Las Vegas 80 miles away.

Feds postponed a similar raid in 2012 over fears the action would spur violence. Bundy has drawn a lot of support from the local community and protesters are heading to the area to demand authorities back off. Officials have created a taped off “First Amendment Area” where demonstrators can voice their concerns. A sign placed inside the area reads “Welcome to Amerika – Wake Up” alongside a hammer and sickle logo.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Lorrie Roehm

    So now cattle and calves will be run to death with the helicopters round up, turtles will be run over and killed and the Wild Mustangs and Burros will be displaced and probably round up too. All because a very wealthy rancher will not pay his grazing fees? And how much is all the government presence costing the tax payers? Someone will be hurt or killed very soon!

    April 10, 2014
  • Patricia Anderton

    Please ARREST THEM ALL! Who do they think they are? They DO NOT HAVE FULL RIGHTS TO PUBLIC LAND for their cattle! Take them back to your own property, or is that all grazed out? Pay your bill, or get your cattle outa there! Simple as that! MAKES ME SICK THE WAY THESE RANCHERS BEHAVE!

    April 11, 2014
    • sherriey

      its not about their cattle….its about making money off the land in other ways…ie: fracking, for one! the cattle, like the horses are in their way. they want the wild horses off there too, ya know. They (BLM/GOV)are not protecting the horses, they are not defending the horses, they want them gone just like that person’s cattle. they want the LAND back! how can anyone here believe that the BLM is after this cattle man b/c of the money he may owe in back lease and they (BLM) are trying to protect the wild horses? PLEASE! when did the BLM want to protect the land for Mustangs? when did they have this change of heart? where was I? there is another reason you are missing….and that is the gov backing BLM wants this land for their own interests and those interests are bound in money!!!!
      this is how the gov works….makes you believe in one thing, to get their own way, which is totally opposite from what they had you believing. this poor jerk is just a excuse and like the Mustangs, he and his family are nothing more then victims too! there is money in that land, my friends….and the gov wants it! watch and see…..

      April 11, 2014
  • sherriey

    not sticking up for the rancher….and i absolutely hate the BLM….but i have to say…the protesters are right….the gov has made the US a Police State. if the BLM/Gov gets away with this….whats next? i side with the protesters and with what Lorrie Roehm said. our rights have been so taken away in the last few years….its like we have none any more. it use to take the people voting on bills….now they are passed behind closed doors without US even knowing about them and shoved down our throats. ie: obamacare for one!
    its about time for the citizens of our once free nation to stand up to the gov….and if it takes something like this to make it happen….then so be it. its been brewing for a long time now and sooner or later its going to blow! perhaps now is the time………WE THE PEOPLE!

    April 11, 2014
  • Terra Pennington

    So shot all the cattle. I am sick of the cattle ranges thinking they have a right to land that is not theirs.

    April 12, 2014