Roy Exum: Horse Celebration Appears Doomed


The Chattanoogan, August 1, 2013, Roy Exum

Roy Exum

Roy Exum

The 75th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration is scheduled to begin three weeks from tonight in Shelbyville and it is looking like a ticket will be the worst buy since the Titanic set sail. The eleven-day event is sponsored by the “Dirty Lick” faction of Tennessee Walking Horse industry and the scurrilous group known for its abuse of animals suffered a severe blow in Texas yesterday when a U.S. District Court in Fort Worth upheld federal regulations to prevent the intentional “soring” of the magnificent animals.

While soring has been banned for over 40 years under the federal Horse Protection Act, a Shelbyville-based subsidiary known as “S.H.O.W.”  had sued the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in the far-away court under the premise the regulations were “unfair” and in violation of their constitutional rights. But the court ruled the mandatory penalties were indeed constitutional and within the USDA’s statutory authority to protect the animals.

Jonathan Lovvorn, a senior vice president for the Humane Society of the United States, oversees litigation and investigations for the Washington-based advocacy group and immediately called on the USDA to decertify SHOW, which has positioned itself to be responsible for inspections at the National Celebration.

At last year’s Celebration, SHOW reported few violations – publicly citing a 98.1 compliance rate — but federal inspectors randomly picked 190 horses to be tested and 145 of those animals were found to be positive based on professional swabs taken to an accredited laboratory. True horsemen and women, dedictated to the “sound” horse and natural gait, accuse SHOW of actually protecting the Dirty Lickers and the federal lab findings confirm the sleazy side of the horse industry.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed the Shelbyville show, now suffering badly from the public’s wrath, has lost over $1 million over the past five years. Last year – after scathing video coverage of sadistic Jackie McConnell torturing horses was shown around the world — losses were $438,356 for the Celebration. SHOW has lost $558,987 since 2009 and ticket sales this summer have plummeted almost as badly as the Dirty Lickers’ image.

The Dirty Lickers, as the Shelbyville crowd is now called, this after repeatedly using soring and torture for decades to make horses kick their front legs high for what is called the “Big Lick,” seem oblivious to the mounting pressure and open scorn being directed from every corner.

Larry Joe Wheelon, a trainer in Maryville who served on the Ethic Committee for the Dirty Lick’s trainers association, will go before the Blount County Grand Jury on felony charges next month and Hall of Fame trainer McConnell has effective been banned by a state judge for owning or training a horse in his lifetime. Other trainers in Tennessee are believed to be under investigation after the Governor vetoed a despicable “Ag-Gag” effort for the misinformed state legislature.

The Whitfield-Cohen bill to Prevent All Soring Tactics (H.R. 1518) now has 133 co-sponsored as it courses through Congress and, if it passes, with give heightened strength to the Horse Protect Act. Of course, the Shelbyville crowd is earnest trying to stop the bill rather than comply with the laws. In Tennessee horse soring is now a felony but Wheelon is the first trainer to be arrested since the law became effective last July.

Marty Irby, a members of the Executive Committee of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder’s and Exhibitor’s Association, called on the registry to support the Whitfield-Cohen bill and while the membership voted down the measure, his courageous stand warranted front-page coverage on the Nashville Tennessean last week. “I’ve been through pure hell,” he said. “But it’s the greatest gift that God has ever given me in my life. I have been as far from one side to another that a person can come.” CONTINUED – Read the rest of the article at The Chattanoogan


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AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • Marion Mohrman

    I am so relieved to read this posting on FB.
    Finally these beautiful horses will be allowed to move the way god created them to move naturally without human intervention that included some of the worst torture I’ve seen in the horse show world ever! Roy Exum I applaud your hard work and tireless dedication to getting this horrible Dirty Lick soring practice out in the open.

    August 1, 2013
  • Debbie Tracy

    FINALLY, this disgusting practice is being stopped, and all are hearing loud and clear how unacceptable this practice is….

    I hope NO ONE will go to this Celebration when it occurs…..

    Reign them all in and punish them harshly they certainly deserve it….. Thank You also Roy for your diligent work to expose the BIG LICK…..

    August 1, 2013
  • Margaret

    I learned more than I ever wanted to last year at the IEC. The awful McConnell video was shown as was other stuff that would turn your stomach. How anyone could ever think that any of this constitutes “training” is way beyond me.

    I’m glad that they’re now being called “Dirty Licker’s” cause the “Big Lick” is a butt ugly gait. I’d much rather see a TWH racking naturally and earning that ribbon based on beauty and flawlessness of the gait rather than on a gait that is so ugly and unnatural.

    August 1, 2013
  • Robynne Catheron

    This is a huge step forward, thank God. I’d like to see how the owners/trainers/riders weasel around it, though, before I cheer too loudly. If (operative word here) they were to swab every single horse before the show and just as each horse enters the ring for each class (trainers have been known to throw the caustic liquid on the horses’ pasterns the very second they run into the ring), it might be safe to say they’d get a majority of the nasty dirty lickers, but they’d have to prosecute each one to the fullest extent of the law in order to make a dent in this heinous and widespread practice. A one-time expense of holding court for all of them and sending them all to jail with lifetime bans from horses would probably be a whole lot less expensive than prosecuting each individual, and they might just wipe out a large number of the guilty nasty dirty lickers at once. Maybe it might serve as a deterrent to the rest. I’d buy a ticket to witness that.

    August 1, 2013
  • MorganG

    I hope every last of the Dirty Lickers loses their shirts and cannot show their faces in any part of the horse world.That they still do not get it and still are trying to work their foul deeds into legal acceptance is beyond imagination. Do they never read a paper, do they never talk with other horse people, do they not know that some of their proud accomplices of torture are now being punished through the courts? Sociopaths will never learn. Glad I’m not in their family.

    August 1, 2013
  • Thank God that there will finally be justice for the horses and their true natural talents can be admired and appreciated.

    August 3, 2013