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Round-up of wild horses gets under way in Utah 

BLM round up in Utah July 2014

The good news the BLM offers about this round up is that the horses will not be sent to slaughter but adopted out. Those of us who have followed the Bureau of Land Management’s history know they have brokered deals that sent wild horses to slaughter – you can see examples of this here and here. So why are we to trust them now when they claim their holding facilities are over flowing? ~ HfH

From: Chicago Tribune
By: Jennifer Dobner

BLM round up in Utah July 2014

Two of a band of wild horses graze in the Nephi Wash area outside Enterprise, Utah (Jim Urquhart Reuters, / July 28, 2014)

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) – Federal land managers began rounding up wild horses on public land in central Utah on Monday as part of efforts to cut herd numbers and placate ranchers who say the animals destroy range land vital for cattle grazing.

Working with a pair of helicopters, a crew of U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) staff and contractors captured 45 horses in the Blawn Wash area near Minersville, about 220 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, agency spokeswoman Lisa Reid said.

Over the next eight days they hope to gather a total of 140 Mustangs in Blawn Wash, one of four designated management areas in the region. Under the BLM’s own rules, no horses should be in Blawn Wash and the region as a whole is capped at 170 horses.

Last week, however, agency staff counted 775 horses during a flyover, Reid said.

“They are really overpopulated, so taking 140 off of the range area will certainly relieve some pressure,” she said.

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