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Romania: Wild Horses Benefit from Contraceptive Vaccine 

Letea forest wild horses

From: Digital Journal

Letea forest wild horses

Wild horses in Letea Forest

Animal protection organization, FOUR PAWS International, is helping to preserve the 500 wild horses currently living in the Letea Forest in Romania. The Letea Forest, which is situated in the northeastern part of the Danube Delta in Romania, is the second largest wetland in Europe.

The tranquilizer darts, which come from PNEU-DART, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, enable FOUR PAWS to strategically and humanely control the horse population, which otherwise would be controlled through governmental killing practices.

Once tranquilized, FOUR PAWS veterinarians administer the contraceptive vaccine to the horses. Any injuries are also treated. In addition, blood and fecal samples are taken, to allow for further hormonal studies, and the horse’s teeth are inspected for age approximation. FOUR PAWS uses these studies for publication in veterinarian science journals.

Photos of the horses are taken for easier identification purposes. The horses are then provided with individually-numbered ear tags, which allow the FOUR PAWS team to later (2-3 weeks) identify the horses, and administer, through darts, contraceptive booster vaccines. The ear tags are also important for re-administering the contraceptive vaccines each year in order to maintain their effectiveness.

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