Rescue Operation for Five Malnourished Horses in Bee County


KiiiTV – August 29, 2013

BEE COUNTY (Kiii News) –

Five starving horses were rescued in Bee County Thursday by the Bee County Sheriff’s Office and the non-profit organization known as Habitat for Horses.

After a year of working with the caretaker of the horses to try and improve their nutrition, the Bee County Sheriff’s Office said that the horses were simply not being taken care of, and the time has come to rescue the animals. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

“We’ve documented everything that we’ve done so we can take forth and seize these horses, and then present a case to the county attorney for consideration of prosecution against the caretaker,” said Lt. John Davis of the Bee County Sheriff’s Office.

After the horses were gathered into the trailer, Dottie Clower of Habitat for Horses described the bad shape the horses are in.

“They have no flesh on the backside of them,” Clower said. “Their tail heads are sticking out. Their ribs are out. Their hipbones are sticking out.”

Clower said it breaks her heart to see the condition the horses were in, and she blames it on the caretaker.

“There’s really no excuse for this to happen, other than you are afraid to reach out and ask for help,” she said.

After being rescued, the horses are taken to an undisclosed location, where the road to recovery begins.

“They’ll have shelter. They’ll have water, food. They’ll be cared for,” Clower said. “They’ll be eating twice a day, instead of what they’ve been scrounging for.”

The horses are grazing for the first time in a long time, and in coming weeks and months, they will regain their health.


AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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  • this make me sick i had lived in c/c texas for 15 year year and i have never seen so many horses like this case i was the unstanding that texas was proud of they horses but i am see i am wrong i am glad i had moved but i have move in the start that has a killing pen on horses and we have wild mustages also hey do a round up in this state they ship them to mexco to be killed and ship to oversea to be eaten i have a five month old colt right know he is in wy

    August 29, 2013