Remembering Equine Lessons Learned from Moms


Many of us were fortunate to have Horse Moms. Moms who woke up early and taught us by example how to care for horses. They made sure we did all our chores, and when we were too busy with friends and practice…did them for us. At times they seemed like tyrants, having seemingly every minute of every day planned out with some task or another – do horses really need that much care? But the desserts only they can perfect are a panacea no one else can create. They are also there to comfort you when your 4-legged best friend is too ill to go on and must go over the rainbow bridge. What Moms are doing is getting you prepared when they are no longer there so you can care for both your 4 legged best pal and the 2 legged wee ones running around the kitchen floor.

Today is Mother’s Day – thank you Mom. ~ HfH

momsMother’s Day is a time to celebrate the hard-working, irreplaceable, and much-loved mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, aunts, mother-like figures, and other women in our lives. It no secret that these women have decades of lessons on a variety of topics to teach us, and some of us are fortunately enough to have grown up learning about horses from horse-savvy moms or mom-like figures. Here are some things we—The Horse staff—and you—our Facebook and Twitter fans and readers of The Horse—learned from the horsewomen in their lives.

The Horse Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Church grew up with a horse-crazy mother who fostered her daughter’s equestrian side right from the very beginning: “My mom had me out at our barn and propped up on a horse’s back before I could walk. That sort of learn-by-osmosis effect had me loving horses from the very start. I can still remember my first riding lesson on Lady the teeny-tiny pony at age 4; I was so very excited and the lesson was far too short! It’s because of my mom that horses have been a central theme in my life.”

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • My mom realized my passion for horses , when i was 5, she took me to vegas to see up close and personal the loves of my life !!!!!! the Mustangs on the Desert,I could not believe my eyes how beautiful they are, I stood in amazement watching them thunder across the desert , it was the thrill of my life and i will never forget that day as long as I live , that video plays back in my mind , daily since then …..what I saw that day was the hugest wonderful event in my life……. It is why I am here,to give back to them what they gave to me countless times !!!! The true meaning and feeling of FREEDOM …..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE< HUMAN OR ANIMAL !!!!!!!!!!

    May 11, 2014