Regions Bank out as walking horse celebration sponsor

Big Lick

While this may indeed be a “purely business” decision, let us hope that other corporate sponsors realize that the future does not lie with the faction that is for torturing horses to do the “Big Lick”. Hopefully a list of upcoming sponsors will be available soon. If that happens, we will glad give information on how to write them to let them know that the public does not want them to sponsor horse cruelty. Comment on this article on our website if you have that list already. ~ HfH

From The Tennessean
By: Heidi Hall

Regions Bank

Regions Bank

Regions Bank announced today it is withdrawing its support from the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, the sport’s premier event held in Shelbyville beginning each August.

A two-sentence, emailed statement from Birmingham, Ala.-based Regions said the move was “a business decision based on how we allocate our resources,” and a spokesman so far has declined to elaborate. But it comes as support builds for a federal Horse Protection Act rewrite that would end the Celebration as most people know it — banning the use of tall horseshoes and chains that mark the sport’s world grand championship.

Celebration CEO Mike Inman said Regions has been a sponsor for several years, beginning with the local bank before gaining the corporate sponsorship, and gave $20,000 last year. He said bank officials told him it was purely a business decision based on return in investment of sponsorship dollars.

Inman said the Celebration will be looking for new sponsors to replace Regions.

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