Two military horses saluted for exemplary service to US military

staff sergeabt reckless


staff sergeabt reckless

The statue in honor of Staff Sergeant Reckless.

The heroism of two military horses has been honored in the United States, with the induction of Sergeant Reckless and Klinger into the Horse Stars Hall of Fame.

The announcement of their induction came in the buildup to Memorial Day, when Americans pay tribute to United States men and women who have died serving their country in the military and express gratitude to all service personnel.

The Horse Stars Hall of Fame is a joint program of the EQUUS Foundation and the United States Equestrian Federation.

Reckless, a Korean pony who stood 11.1 hands who served during the 1950s Korean conflict, and Klinger, a Morgan-Percheron cross that towers above all his human associates at a height of 17 hands, are a contrast not only of size, but of time and place.

Their years of military service were separated by more than half a century and thousands of miles.

Both horses have inspired writers to tell their stories.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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