Rare breed of donkey born in Massachusetts


Dpnkeys and Burros are living symbols of our rich American history. Only 100 of this breed are alive today. Is this the legacy was leaving for the generations to come? That we destroy those which made our existence today possible? ~ HFH

From: WCVB

donkeyrareSTERLING, Mass. —A rare breed of donkey was born at Davis Farmland in Sterling, farm owners announced Sunday.

The baby Poitou donkey boy was discovered by a farmer this morning during the animals’ breakfast. It was born to Duke and Duchess after a year-long pregnancy, the farm stated.

“Poitous are tall animals with Rastafarian-like hair, llama-like legs, big ears and a small rat-like tail,” said Davis Farmland co-owner Larry Davis in a statement. “There’s only about 100 pure bred Poitous left in the world.”

Davis said the Poitous donkeys were once an important part of the world’s agricultural economy, but demand for the breed waned with the introduction of tractors and modern machinery, nearly leading to the extinction of the donkeys.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Janet Schultz

    In answer to your question – yes. If animals lose their place as the focus of torment which rewards their human captures with status or money, they are immediately expendable. Read the interesting article on this prospective in the fght to ban the carriage trade. Darn, can’t remember the article’s title. Will have to go find it.

    June 30, 2014
  • Janet Schultz
    June 30, 2014