R.T. Fitch Nominated for National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board


“It is my honor to announce that Equine Welfare Alliance and ReinFree.org have nominated R.T. Fitch for the Public Interest opening on the National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board.”    – Debbie Coffey

Jerry Finch (Habitat for Horses), R.T. Fitch (Wild Horse Freedom Federation), with Rep. Jim Moran (U.S. Congress) discussing issues in the halls of Congress

Jerry Finch (Habitat for Horses), R.T. Fitch (Wild Horse Freedom Federation), with Rep. Jim Moran (U.S. Congress) discussing issues in the halls of Congress

R.T. has been a true leader in the fight to save the wild horses, and has done much, including:

  • rescued abused horses in Brazil (including bringing one back to the U.S.) 1997 – 2000
  • rescued, rehabilitated, fostered and placed many equines through Habitat for Horses  2001 – present
  • Board of Directors Lone Star Equine Rescue/Habitat for Horses 2001 – present
  • worked directly with the former Governor of Louisiana in rescuing equines after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as featured in the book “Horses of the Storm
  • attended multiple BLM wild horse roundups
  • attended and has spoken at multiple BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meetings
  • organized and has spoken at Press Conferences opposite multiple BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meetings
  • acted as a citizen lobbyist on issues of horse slaughter in Washington D.C. on many occasions
  • has  been endorsed to the President by members of Congress on behalf of equine welfare
  • co-founded and sits as President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation
  • author of the acclaimed book “Straight from the Horse’s Heart
  • author of multiple equine related articles in Horseback and True Cowboy magazines
  • traveled to Outer Mongolia to research and observe the re-introduction techniques of the true wild horse, “Takhi” – 2012
  • has been the Master of Ceremonies for the International Equine Conference
  • was a guest speaker at the recent Equine Advocates Equine Conference
  • will be a guest speaker at the upcoming International Equine Conference
  • Author of many equine related article on the “Straight from the Horse’s Heart Blog,” which has been running for over 4 years and has had 2.5 million hits
  • cares for and attends to 5 rescued/adopted horses on personal property  2001 – present
And last, but by no means least, R.T. has shared his courage, his wit and his recipe for cowboy iced tea with all of us.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work, R.T.  We’re proud of you and we hope you will be appointed to this Advisory Board.   –  Debbie Coffey

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • MorganG

    Could not think of anyone I would more like to see occupy this position. Is there anything we can do to push this nomination? Letters,emails, calls to support? You point us and we are ready to go.

    August 16, 2013
  • Kerry

    Excellent choice!

    August 16, 2013
  • Jill

    I agree!!! R.T. is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, voices for our horses!
    Fantastic choice!

    August 16, 2013
  • Nancy Albin


    August 16, 2013
  • Therese Ryan

    Way to go, Jerry! You are so very deserving of this nomination. Congratulations.

    August 16, 2013
  • sherriey

    one of the best for this position…Gods grace to you R.T.! we need you on that Board!!!

    August 16, 2013
  • Arlene

    BRAVO RT, There isnt a better man for this appointment !!!! What an Superior Human being … Gods Speed RT, Word has spread Horses all over the US, are buzzing around the Barn ,Mustangs everywhere , all have neighed and stood up on their hind legs together, they are all so happy, for once something for the Horses , again BRAVO RT !!!!!!

    August 16, 2013
  • Great Choice…..

    August 17, 2013
  • Robyn

    This is such great news for R.T….I know our Wild Horses will have the best man they could have on board for them!!!!You Go R.T…..

    August 17, 2013
  • Nancy Albin

    Congratulations you are a very honorable man I hope you win!!!

    August 17, 2013
  • You are such an amazing man!! Congratulations you deserve this honor!

    August 17, 2013
  • Elaine Brown

    Good Luck and I nominated Craig Downer for one of the other two positions.

    August 18, 2013
    • Sharon Jacobs-Salinas

      I also nominated Craig Downer for one of the positions! R.T.Fitch is an excellent nominee

      August 19, 2013
        • Arlene

          YA HOO , Hoping there are several positions open for this FABULOUS GROUP Of People !!!!! I am so excited for the Horses , finally a group of AWESOME KNOWLEDGEABLE People !!!!! WHO KNOW HORSES !!!!!

          August 19, 2013
          • Robyn

            OMGosh!!! Ginger, RT, and Craig…That would be
            a God send for our Horses!!!

            August 19, 2013
  • LNorman

    A pro-horse person on that evil board is long overdue!

    August 30, 2013