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Poor Ricky, the world is so against him…. 


August 14, 2013

Ricky holding on to the rail for support

Ricky holding on to the rail for support

Someone needs to feel sorry for poor Ricky De Los Santos so, as a public service, let’s all gather together and send him our wishes. In an article in the Los Cruces Sun-Times, poor Ricky tells the reporter just how terrible his life has become, saying that the political pressures on his company were so immense that it probably would never open.

“We’re ready to go, but it’s very doubtful now.”

President Obama, Gov. Susana Martinez and former governor Bill Richardson are just some of the politicians, celebrities and ordinary Joes who have bludgeoned a New Mexico business, hoping to destroy it before it can issue a single paycheck, according to the article. (Are you crying yet?) Ricky goes on to say that it hurt to be treated as a public enemy. The way he and his company have been vilified, a newcomer to the state might believe that he planned to burn down orphanages or open a meth lab. “We’re trying to make a living.” 

If he were Lot, he’s be ripping his clothes off about now and rubbing his poor, starving body with ashes.

Now here’s a mind-blower – there is a horse rescue close to poor Ricky called Walkin’ N Circles Ranch operated by a guy named Charles Graham. According to the article, Graham stables 85 horses at the ranch in Stanley. Eleven others have been placed in foster ranches. His operation, sustained by donations and fundraising, cannot afford to feed more horses, but he does maintain a Facebook page

“We haven’t received a check from Mr. Redford or Bill Richardson,” he said.

Well, neither have we, Mr. Graham, but with around 200 horses under our care, it’s our job to get out and fundraise, not whine because we don’t have a place to slaughter our horses. Personally, I don’t see how anyone can operate a real rescue organization and still promote the slaughter of horses, but to each his own. 

In some weird, twisted math process, perhaps the same kind used by the GAO, according to the article Graham says as many as 70,000 abandoned or wild horses live on the Navajo Nation alone. Without slaughter plants, the population of unwanted horses in New Mexico would swell to between 600,000 and 700,000 in five years, said Graham.

Seriously. He actually said that in the article. Go look for yourself – CLICK HERE.

To wrap it up, Ricky De Los Santos said politicians were ingratiating themselves with the Humane Society of the United States and other organizations, but those alliances would not save one abandoned horse from starvation.

Really? Who do you think I called when I had hundreds of starving horses up in Nebraska? The Cattle Grower’s Association? The AQHA? I called HSUS and they were there within hours with a ton of volunteers. Who answered the call about 200 starving horses in North Texas? HSUS, who responded full force. No, I don’t support everything they do, but they were there when I needed them. 

Oh, and so were your friends the killer-buyers, but they never got a single horse.

imagesSorry, Ricky, I’d like to cry for you, but the tears won’t come. Maybe you could have a beer and a steak with your good friend Tim Sappington. He seems more your type.