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Please don’t tell the BLM about this…. 

June 1, 2013 – Jerry Finch

130531_przewalskis_horse_baby2425_CBAccording to Colorado’s 9News, the world’s only truly wild horse, the Przewalski, had a foal while residing at the Denver zoo.

“Under the watchful eye of its mother, Yisun, the little foal is busy exploring its new home. Visitors can watch the unnamed foal, whose gender is still not known, get settled into its new surrounds. The Przewalski’s horses are considered the only remaining, truly “wild” horse in the world and may be the closest living wild relative of the domesticated horse, according to the zoo.”

Deep in the cavern of the BLM, I’m sure some wise cowboy is foaming at the mouth, shouting that Przewalski’s horses are not wild. “They’re feral! Pests! Cockroaches!” Even as you read this, the helicopter is probably circling the zoo.

In other news, in Pleasant Prairie, Wis, more charges are likely against stable owners David White, 59, and Paula Moctezuma, 62, for starving 60 horses to death. According to the Reuters report, ,local officials seized dozens of surviving horses, goats, sheep, baby lambs and poultry, some standing in two feet of manure and urine in enclosures where dead animals lay.

I wonder if they will take the Jason Meduna defense – radiation, poison, neighbors, flying saucers, anything but taking responsibility. Didn’t work for him, but you never know. BTW, the studmuffin is back in the lockup, serving the rest of his sentence after being caught in Wyoming under a different name with – you guessed it – a bunch of horses.

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